Customer Success Story – GlobeConsult, LLC

For this month’s customer success story, we bring you another satisfied Davinci Meeting Rooms customer – GlobeConsult LLC. They are an international business development consulting company that specializes in helping oil, gas, petrochemicals, power plants & many other sectors expand their presence internationally. Founded by Mancy Malek, GlobeConsult has over 25 years of experience in the international business environment, and a work history in Europe, Middle East & spanning all throughout the world, helping small & medium businesses expand internationally.

So when this growing company needed a small conference room to meet an international client, one that was also in a convenient location for both parties, Mancy ended up picking Davinci to provide this service after a friend of his found and recommended us. After contacting us, our helpful representative Lindsay A. helped narrow down the options based on what he was looking for. Mancy stated, “This was my first encounter with Davinci. They gave me several options and even made recommendations as to what would be good for me and my visitor.”

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Creative Ways to Make Your Meetings More Productive

Productivity and meetings should go hand-in-hand, but a new survey reveals that is not always the case. Seventy-two percent of meeting-goers reported they felt half or less than half of their business meetings are productive, according to The Truth about Meeting Culture, a survey released by Mersive.

Professionals spend enormous amounts of time in meetings—33% of meeting-goers attend 10 or more meetings per week, according to the report. The survey further reveals that engagement and maintaining meeting focus are the biggest challenges faced in meetings.

What’s a meeting organizer to do? Try these well-known tips and tricks—and little known secrets—for driving employee productivity at company meetings from our resident experts. We’ll start off with three secrets from Paul Rulkens, president of Agrippa Consulting International, an expert in high performance and author of The Power of Preeminence.

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11 Ways to Use Meeting Rooms

Getting time for in-person meetings with your prospects, customers, and even internal stakeholders is not easy. Time is a valuable resource. Expectations for meetings are quite low. Nearly three-quarters of business professionals believe meetings are unproductive and ineffective, failing to meet desired outcomes.

How does a business ensure their meetings fall into the 25-percent minority? Upfront planning (for everything from logistics, location, the agenda, presenters, communications, etc.) is a critical starting point. Flawless execution of the agenda must then follow.

Don’t Forget the Meeting Room

Meeting location is an important facet of managing a successful meeting that is all-too-often neglected. Few businesses have offices in all of the locations where their meetings need to take place. This means rented meeting space is required. However, even when a business has a permanent office space, this does not mean they have a conference room that suffices for all meeting scenarios.

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Food For Thought: Catering Usually Makes For Better Meetings

Where there’s enough of a reason or mandate to have a physical meeting, even the weekly routine meetings, there’s also a compelling reason to consider catering. – If not catering, it’s not a bad idea to at least bring in some beverages or food to munch on. Here’s why: people simply produce better results at work, and especially at meetings, when they feel appreciated; and nothing says management cares more about its staff than the extra detailing of providing something to eat and drink at a meeting session.

Problem-solving, brainstorming, creativeness, initiative and team spirit are the some of the preferred outcomes and purposes of a meeting. The provision of food and beverage is a wonderful way for a company or manager to subliminally communicate: ‘we are thinking of you,’ ‘we care about you being happy and comfortable during the meeting’, and ‘we know you have a busy schedule and workload, so here’s something to keep you running at peak performance while we meet’.

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Davinci 101: Additional Services for Meeting Room Bookings

Whenever you meet with a current or prospective client, the core message you have to deliver is always the most important part of the meeting. When it’s time to deliver that message, you want your meeting attendees to be focused on what you have to say, and not to be distracted by unnecessary details. Or sometimes it’s the lack of details that are cause for distraction, and there’s where Davinci Meeting Rooms ensures that your meeting will have everything it needs to keep your clients focused.

When booking a meeting room, try to anticipate as many variables as possible and account for them in a way that will keep your clients focused on you and your message. Over the years, we’ve compiled a range of additional services that go beyond the initial booking to give you every tool you need to hold a successful meeting. Below are some of our more popular services.

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