100+ Conference Room Names To Spur Your Creativity

Picking a conference room name might seem like just another task, but it can be a great team building exercise that fosters comradery and let’s your employees feel like they have a personal investment in the company. This in turn becomes another step to get them more involved & embedded with the company overall.

The goal with a conference room name is to further improve and grow the culture of your business. An often quoted researcher in this space, J.M. George, wrote in an article titled Human Relations, where he noted that negative mood can move people to think and act negatively. Negativity can in turn have your employees cynical of others and their ideas, which spreads like a disease and impacts others, which in turn slows creativity in problem solving or idea generation.

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How Sleep Effects Meetings

Image of man and dog sleeping

Previously we addressed how, now more than ever, it is important to design and conduct meetings that are dynamic and worthwhile in order to capture the interest of a workforce today that may have more focuses and widening responsibilities, greater work-life considerations to juggle, and therefore perhaps a more limited attention span than prior work generations.

We also examined the advent of more remote-working fueled video-conferencing and skyping, plus the litmus test of considering whether a meeting is even needed in a world that’s going more ‘end result and bottom-line’ oriented and less presentee-required and visually managed than was the norm of previous work generations.

Getting a good night’s rest (and for an increasing many, a good, brief rejuvenation nap or meditation respite to gather oneself and recharge for more energetic mid-day/afternoon-to-evening productiveness), is a recipe for sharper thinking, brainstorming and enthusiastic/contagious teamwork. Certainly, this healthy practice of better sleep and rest is also a catalyst for better meetings, especially when physical meetings are at play.

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8 Things That Can Go Wrong When Hosting a Customer Meeting

Whether customer meetings are hosted onsite or offsite, there are a number of things that can go wrong. Nearly every business professional has been witness to at least several of the following scenarios. Some may have simply been minor distractions; others may have been show-stoppers where deals were lost or service issues were left unresolved.

1. Obscure Address. Not every company is able to afford a location that is easy to find. While your office location may fully satisfy day-to-day business functions, it may not be the best location for a customer meeting. Indeed, beyond a late start to the meeting, having customers “frantically” searching for a hard-to-find address creates a bad customer disposition before the customer even arrives at your location.
Tip – Davinci Meeting Rooms are Google optimized so they are easy to find and direct your clients to. Your client will always find the address as we already took the necessary steps to make Google aware of the location.

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Customer Success Story: Compassionate Beginnings, LLC

In this month’s Customer Success Story, Davinci highlights Compassionate Beginnings LLC, which offers support and education for families dealing with alcohol and drug addiction in Leesburg & Fairfax Virginia.

Compassionate Beginnings came to Davinci when Kimberley, their certified substance abuse counselor, needed to rent a professional office space to meet and do assessments. After searching online, she quickly found Davinci Meeting Rooms and used our easy online order form to book a meeting room for a time slot that worked for her.

After finding a location in Leesburg that met all of her needs, Kimberley was able to confidently meet with clients, all in a great atmosphere. When asked why she would recommend Davinci Meeting Rooms, Kimberley stated, “The rate is on point, and I was very impressed with the services”. With the important meetings Kimberley and some of our clients provide, we always strive to provide a professional location to hold a meeting, conference call or to do collaborative work in.

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