Client Success: In the Light Magazine

This month’s client success story is brought to us by Tyree Reeves in our Davinci Meeting Rooms department.

In the Light Magazine has been booking meetings with Davinci Meeting Rooms for a year now. Last month, Brittney with In the Light Magazine needed an office for an interview. She reserved a day office at the Madison Office Suites in New York City, NY. Brittney noted “At first I was slightly skeptical, but Davinci exceeded my expectations. The building itself: from the lobby, the elevators, the reception room, and day office looked so much better than the photographs I had seen online. The security guard and the receptionist were very sweet, helpful, and professional. As an online-based organization, my client was highly impressed. I am planning to book again either as this location (or try a new one just for fun) very soon. I’m so glad Davinci exists and makes this possible for small non-profits such as mine.”

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7 Ways to Land a Sale with Presentation Technology

Video conference in the office

Business owners of all kinds recognize the power of presentation technology, but the right technology can be difficult to come by. Even when the stakes are high and competition is fierce, it shouldn’t discourage entrepreneurs from seeking the best presentation technology available.

There are seven ways that the right presentation technology can help you gain a competitive edge and increase the likelihood of landing a sale, not just after that meeting, but after the many meetings sure to follow.

  1. Impressing your client

    With a clean and organized meeting room stocked with next generation technology, your client will take notice of your professionalism immediately. Making a strong first impression on important clients is important, and having equally impressive technology to match is an easy way to invoke a positive reaction.

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How to find the right meeting space to impress a client

A large meeting space with a conference room table and chairs.

What is the first impression clients get when they arrive at your meeting space? Are they warmly received and comfortable, or do they find it disagreeable or even offensive? 

It isn’t a thought that many of us consider very often, but the answer could mean the difference between gaining a great potential client’s business or losing it forever. Meeting spaces are important, so it’s crucial that you find an environment that suits your business’s needs and makes a good impression on your clients.

To impress a client with a meeting space, create a meeting room checklist and consider the following:

Convenient and professional location

The first thing you should consider when choosing a meeting space is its location. Is it easy to get to? What message does this particular location send? If a client has a hard time getting to your meeting, chances are they will hardly be in the proper mood in which to do business.

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