How much of an impact does business location have?

A view of a city street among skyscrapers from above.

It’s obvious that if your business location is impossible to get to, you are going to have a hard time retaining or finding new customers, but do you know how much an impact your business location really has?

When it comes to the location of a business, retaining existing customers is key. The more your customer retention increases, so does your revenue. The right location can have a big impact on both of these factors. To increase sales and revenue, you should take into account four considerations: proximity to current customers, the environment of your target demographic, opportunities for growth and drawing in new business, and how that location will affect your budget.

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Go Virtual: Slash Environmental Impact and Business Costs

A drawing of the earth with a tree growing out of it.

Small business owners that go virtual not only reduce their carbon footprint, they also save thousands of dollars a month. So, what’s the catch? Why aren’t more businesses embracing virtualization?

More than 42 percent of small business owners can save at least $1,000 a month on operating costs by going virtual, and not only does this change in operations increase efficiency company-wide, it also reduces environmental impact. And fortunately, going virtual doesn’t have to be cumbersome process. By adopting these three virtual practices, you can quickly and easily slash environmental impact and business costs. 

Replace paper docs with web-based software

The first and often biggest step to going virtual is eliminating or reducing paper consumption. The environmental and financial costs of paper use are substantial. On average, office employees use more than 10,000 sheets of paper per year. That amounts to $80 annually for each office worker, and results in the destruction of almost two trees per employee every year, which can really add up as your business expands.

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5 remarkable reasons to use conference room rentals

A modern looking meeting space with a table and chairs.

As a growing business, you need more space. However, office lease payments can squander your budget. Just as you need meeting space to grow and meet with new prospective clients, you need to cut costs where you can, too.

There are many reasons businesses prefer conference room rentals, whether it be the freedom to travel or access to technology and services they may not otherwise be able to afford. Every business can find value and opportunity unique to their industry and operations by renting meeting spaces.

Here are five remarkable reasons to use conference room rentals that consistently yield results: 

  1. More flexibility to travel 

In today’s market, business traveling is more commonplace than ever before. Conference room rentals can give you the tools to embrace mobility while saving you money in the process. 

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Davinci 101: Same-Day Meeting Room Booking for the Mobile Entrepreneur

Davinci Virtual 101s

Business moves faster today than it ever has. Digital communication technologies and search engines have helped businesses to connect and align their business goals more easily than in any previous decade. Adam is a mobile entrepreneur. Working out of his home, Adam uses virtual office services to maintain a professional business address, a live receptionist team to keep his business running smoothly, and meeting room rental services to close deals and maintain a personal relationship with current and potential clients. Adam not only keeps pace with business in today’s world, he’s staying ahead.

Quite often as Adam is working on leads and following up with clients, the need to set up meetings on short notice presents itself. Without a permanent meeting space, Adam uses Davinci Meeting Rooms to book conference rooms by the hour, and due to Davinci’s ability to provide rooms on a next-day or even same-day basis, Adam is able to satisfy his clients’ demands in impressive fashion.

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How to streamline your small business operations

A doodle of a lightbulb and several other doodles to represent the need to streamline business operations.

It’s challenging to maintain productivity when you are trying to remotely manage a rapidly growing business. But, as the owner of a small business, your goals are simple: you need fresh ideas to help minimize operating costs, improve efficiency while traveling or working in satellite offices, and expanding your business’s reach. 

Streamlining your small business operations to achieve these goals doesn’t have to be difficult. Taking advantage of virtual tools and services creates many opportunities to grow and enhance work efficiency. Here are just four things that can assist in streamlining business operations:

Moving to the cloud

The first thing you should consider when trying to streamline your business operations is to go virtual and move everything to the cloud. This is not only optimal for working remotely in satellite offices or while traveling, it saves valuable office space and costs on supplies.

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