What no one tells you about successful meetings

Two people's hands on a table littered with meeting items such as tablets, notebooks, etc.

A lot goes into making a meeting successful, not only for you, but for all participants. What no one tells you is that everything from picking the right location to inviting the right guests can determine the efficiency and efficacy of your session.

If you follow these tips, you can be sure that you accomplish more than ever before in your next business meeting:


The first step should go without saying. You can’t walk into your meeting with zero preparation and expect it to go well. Pick a location that is both convenient and professional in which to set your meeting. Meeting room rentals help simplify this stage of the planning due to thousands of conference rooms available in key business locations all across the world that are fully-equipped with the latest technology and business services, such as internet access, presentation tools, and audio/video conferencing.

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Four Tips for Successful Virtual Meetings

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As technology pushes us further into a virtual world, we find that our ways of doing business continually evolve. Meeting virtually and doing business long-distance is becoming more and more convenient. As we quickly enter this movement of virtual meetings and Web conferencing, there are a few tips that can help keep things moving successfully with virtualization.

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8 Things You Didn’t Know about Meeting Room Rentals

A stylish, modern meeting room with glass walls.

As a small business owner, it’s likely that you find yourself needing accommodating, professional meeting spaces to host important client meetings. Meeting room rental services are a fantastic option to fulfill these needs. Here are eight characteristics of meeting room rentals you might not know:

  1. Convenient

Davinci provides professional, world-wide meeting room rentals. Whether you’re needing a space to host a meeting locally or traveling abroad, there are options available. Many of the meeting rooms are located within major city centers—making it especially convenient for meeting attendees to locate and travel to. Some of the international Davinci Meeting Rooms locations include:

  • Hong Kong
  • Korea
  • France
  • Germany
  • India
  • Spain
  • Mexico
  • England
  • South Africa
  • Australia
  • Indonesia
  1. Clean

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What is a Meeting Room Rental and Other Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Meeting Room Rental and Other Frequently Asked Questions

Conference and meeting room rental services are a great option for both small businesses and large corporations. If you’re in need of a space to host a professional meeting, Davinci Virtual has just the services for you. These affordable meeting room rental options are provided at low hourly rates and are available to reserve through a comprehensive, online meeting room booking system that is mobile friendly on both Android and Apple devices. Additionally, the onsite staff provides a list of amenities ranging from plasma screens to mailing or shipping.

Here are ten frequently asked questions you might have before making your meeting room rental reservation:

  1. Will I need to bring audio/visual equipment?

    Davinci’s meeting rooms rentals can provide all of the equipment that you will need during your time in our meeting rooms. While you are making your reservation in our meeting room booking system, there will be a list of technology services we can provide. At that time, be sure to specify the equipment you will require.

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