Five Reasons to Use Conference Room Rentals for Your Small Business

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As a small business owner, you are proud to offer a level of personal touch that large corporations just can’t achieve. Often times, however, a small business might feel a slight disadvantage when compared side by side to large competitors. Finding tips and tools to hurdle those disadvantages can go a long way.

More and more small business owners are rapidly discovering the seemingly endless benefits to utilizing meeting and conference room rental services. Though these services are available to all business types and sizes, they more obviously benefit small business owners. See our list of five reasons to use conference room rental services:

  1.  Accessibility:

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Davinci 101: Better Meeting Spaces for Better Meetings

Davinci Virtual 101s

Around the time the client asked, “Isn’t this, like, the third time they’ve played Katy Perry?” Travis knew that the meeting wasn’t going well. When the meeting concluded with the client saying that he would need to “still think about it some more,” Travis was hardly surprised.

For many entrepreneurs, small business owners, and consultants like Travis, meetings with clients can be a bit of a challenge to pull off successfully if they don’t have an office or conference room. On the other hand, it hardly makes sense to pay monthly rent for an office space that is rarely used. Choosing to meet at coffee shops, restaurants, libraries, or in hotel meeting rooms has been common, but none of them offer the same atmosphere and business-minded amenities that a real conference room does. Thankfully, Davinci Meeting Rooms offers professional meeting space in business centers that can be rented by the hour; eliminating the need to meet in distracting or inconvenient locations.

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Conference Room Rentals: A Small Business Trend in 2015

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More than ever, small business owners are finding ways to improve their processes and drive profitability. One of this year’s biggest small business trends comes with no surprise: conference room rentals.

Conference room rentals answer the meeting needs small business owners might have while on the go—very conveniently and at a low cost. When you’re in need of a location to hold a meeting, you have a mental checklist of criteria that you want the meeting space to meet: clean, professionally furnished, convenient location, and cost efficient. Your list might also include supplies you need for the meeting to be successful: phone conferencing services, high-speed Internet, projectors, etc. 

Finding conference rooms for rent matching all of this criteria seems too good to be true—but it’s not. Davinci Meeting Rooms provides space that fulfills the needs of your checklist, plus more. Ranging in size, there are meeting rooms available to rent as day offices, training rooms, and various sizes of large conference rooms accommodating 20+ attendants.

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10 New Year’s Resolutions for Small Businesses

Individuals normally look to the beginning of each New Year to make resolutions for personal improvement—to lose weight, to spend more time with one’s partner or family, to manage finances better, to learn a new language, to run a marathon…the list could go on for pages. Sometimes these initiatives are successful; sometimes they fail within a few weeks of the New Year.

New Year’s resolutions are also good for businesses. Taking a moment to reflect on the past year and consider new ideas and strategies for the coming year is a great exercise for every business—particularly small businesses. Well-thought business resolutions can help companies improve productivity, lower costs, and fuel growth.

Davinci offers easily attainable goals and is a great resolution starting point for many small businesses. To seed your thinking, here are 10 resolutions that you might want to consider for 2015; we’re calling it the list of “no mores….”

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The Best Gifts for Business Travelers

The Best Gifts for Business Travelers | Davinci Meeting Rooms

With the holidays upon us, we’re all thinking long and hard about the people we are looking to buy gifts for. We understand that while you want to make it meaningful, you also want your gift to be put to good use. Finding that perfect balance of relevant, yet thoughtful is the key. And when it comes to finding the best gift for business travelers, who always seems to be on the road, the ideas come few and far between.

Most of our meeting room rental customers are seasoned business travelers, visiting both in-state and foreign cities to meet with associates and host important, effective meetings. While much of their productive business travel time is spent in our world-wide meeting rooms, you can’t forget all of the time they spend in airports, on planes, in hotels, and navigating cities. So, we’ve compiled a full list of the best gift ideas for business travelers.

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Ask yourself this question while preparing for a meeting

The ultimate magic answer to meeting success, falls with the meeting preparation and one powerful question. Discover the question as well as the answer in this post.

All too often, we leave meetings without accomplishing all that needs to be done; and consequently, we have to schedule another meeting. Why is this the case? Was the meeting agenda unclear? Was there too much on the agenda? Should there have been material circulated before the meeting to prepare the attendants? Was everyone in attendance that should have been?

These questions might help discover the secrets of a successful meeting, but the ultimate magic answer to actual meeting success, falls with the meeting preparation and one powerful question:

What is the single most important item to accomplish in this meeting?

Notice “single”—one, not two, not ten, but one. Defining the answer to this question will help you plan effectively. It will not only help you determine where and how long the meeting should last, it will help you figure who should attend.

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Help! I Need a Conference Room and Office for a Customer Video Shoot

The use cases for Davinci Meeting and Conference Rooms are quite diverse.

Sometimes customers simply need a larger office with all of the proper meeting accoutrements such as a lobby greeter, Internet access, presentation tools, among other. It might be an internal meeting, or it might be a meeting with a partner or customer. Others may be looking for something more permanent such as businesses in the midst of an office transition that need a temporary office with full business services.

It really doesn’t matter at the end of the day. Regardless of the circumstances and the business objectives, we are there to help our customers plan and execute on their meeting room requirements.

Office space for a video shoot

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