Meeting Room Rentals 101: Everything You Need to Know about Meeting Rooms for Rent

A beautiful meeting room rental with TV screens, chairs and a conference table.

There’s a hidden gem for traveling businessmen and small businesses alike: Davinci Meeting Room Rentals. When it’s not cost effective for your business to lease a space for an extended period of time just for the convenience of hosting meetings, use Davinci’s meeting rooms for rent. Also, when you’re away for business, stateside or internationally, Davinci meeting rooms are only a click away if needed. Stocked with all the amenities you’ll need to maintain your professional reputation, meeting room rentals are convenient and economical.

How to book meeting rooms for rent:

The Davinci meeting room booking system is simple and intuitive. It can be done online, through live chat, or by calling 1-877-424-9767. There are even Android and Apple device mobile apps available for convenient search and booking on the go. To book online, simply search for a location, and provide the date, time, and number of attendees that apply to the meeting. The meeting room booking system will provide all available options.

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Should You Rent a Hotel Conference Room for Your Next Meeting?

A group of happy people enjoying a conference in a meeting room rental.

With hotels spreading across the globe, when you’re looking into conference or meeting room availability, your first thought might be to consider hotel conference rooms. With the convenience of multiple downtown location options, that’s understandable. However, did you know that Davinci Virtual offers conference rooms, meeting rooms, and even office space for rent for significantly less expensive than most hotel conference room rates? And while hotel conference room rentals are for all types of events—business events, wedding celebrations, religious conventions, etc.—Davinci meeting room rentals are used exclusively for business meetings. This ensures all of our space, and the surrounding space, stays business-appropriate.


Davinci has office and conference room space available worldwide, so there is a good chance we have a conference or meeting room available close to the hotel conference room you were looking to rent. With over 3,000 rental spaces in over 950 locations, we’re confident you’ll find what you need among our Davinci meeting space locations without the high cost. Some of our international locations include:

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The Top 10 Benefits of a Meeting Room Rental

The Top 10 Benefits of a Meeting Room Rental |Davinci Meeting Rooms

As a small business owner, it’s important to distinguish yourself among the competition. With meeting room rentals, you can stand out by obtaining all the tools that the big guys use without creating huge overhead costs. Renting meeting rooms as needed creates a strong business presence in any location with the amenities your customers would only expect from larger corporations. Renting meeting rooms, as opposed to leasing, allows you to project the image you want for your brand without breaking the bank.

Here are just ten benefits of renting meeting rooms to assist in your business operations:

1. Location convenience

Leasing a permanent office space can limit your availability to customers and clients, and organizations can end up spending a fortune to set up their office in a prime location. By renting a meeting space for only the hours or days that you need it, you can meet anywhere. With thousands rental locations in all major cities across the globe, you make yourself available to any customer wherever and whenever you need it.

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Meeting Room Rentals – Enterprise-level Professionalism for All Sizes of Business

Meeting Room Rentals – Enterprise-level Professionalism for All Sizes of Business | Davinci Meeting Rooms

While the world of business interaction rapidly changes with technology, a few things stay the same. One important aspect of business is that a company must maintain the credibility of meeting face to face. This level of interaction enhances a partnership, allowing deeper trust and seems to always increase meeting productivity. Most agree that face-to-face interaction adds value to a partnership, although it may not always be economical to maintain facilities large enough, and in reasonable locations, with the materials and amenities that a professional business meeting would need.

As an SMB or even a one-person shop, how do you compete with enterprises when it comes to maintaining professional, face-to-face relationships? Where and how do you host meetings with your important clients? Davinci Meeting Rooms offers a meeting room booking system that allows all business sizes to have access to formal conference and office space across the globe.

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