Sun, Snorkeling, and Strategy in Sydney

sydney-webYou and your business partner have vowed to visit all 40 of Sydney’s beaches, including the famous ones like Bondi, Manly, Coogee and Dee Why, as well as the smaller, secret beaches. Currently, you’re on number 27 and feeling great. Unfortunately, you can’t totally relax and enjoy the sun, because you have yourself a serious business dilemma. You’ve been planning to bring some of your most important clients here to beautiful Sydney, one of the most important business centers of the Pacific Rim and the largest city in one of the wealthiest countries in the world, in order to finalize a huge deal. Your new office space, however, is not ready for visitors. A shipment of chairs is sitting on the dock in Hong Kong and your new carpeting got lost somewhere between Hamburg and Bombay.

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The Secret Language of Your Handshake

handshake-webIt’s an unspoken rule that handshakes are the true language of the business world. Does your handshake have what it takes to open doors? We’re going to break down the five ways your five fingers can make a first impression. We’ll tell you what to avoid, what to strive for, and what to do when a handshake goes wrong.

The Sweaty Shake

It takes a dry hand to create a cool first impression. A sweaty palm could make you appear nervous and insecure. Are you unsure about what to do if you’re prone to sweating under pressure? You can avoid giving someone a sweaty handshake by avoiding the habit of keeping your fingers cuffed. It’s important to always keep your palms open and relaxed.

The Amateur Shake

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How to Tap into the Energy of New York’s Lower East Side

New York 2How does a mom or dad from the suburbs become the darling of New York City’s Lower East Side? The answer is easier than you think. There’s no need to be intimated by the film stars, musicians, and fresh batch of successful entrepreneurs living in the neighborhood. All you need to fit in is an opportunity to set up shop in the neighborhood for a few days. A lot can happen in a New York minute, and it may only take you a few New York minutes to set up important meetings, sign talented artists, or impress potential investors.

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