Four Smart and Simple Ways to Welcome a New Employee

coffee-webA smart, qualified, and optimistic individual is reporting to your office tomorrow. You want to let them know they made the right decision by choosing to work for you. How you welcome a new employee could set the tone for a very long career. Here are four simple ways to get a new employee off on the right foot with your organization:

Coffee and Bagels

A new employee has a lot of introductions to make on their first day. You can get curiosity out of the way by hosting a brief breakfast introduction for your department. A formal introduction will prevent an employee from being interrupted for introductions throughout a critical first day of training and orientation.

Assign a Liaison

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Guest Post: Digital Focus Drives Customer Experience for Davinci Virtual Office Solutions

LivePerson published a post on their blog about Davinci Virtual Office Solutions.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014 – 15:01

Mathematician, painter, sculptor, architect, musician, inventor, anatomist, geologist, cartographer, botanist, and writer, Leonardo Davinci, the epitome of the Renaissance, possessed unquenchable curiosity unbridled imagination. These ideals were foundational pillars when two business partners—Bill Grodnik, CEO, and Martin Senn, COO, came together in 2005 to form Davinci Virtual Office Solutions.

As a starting point, the two determined that all business with the company—whether marketing or transactional—would happen online. Deploying a world-class website that allowed for engagement with customers spread around the globe was an important starting point.

But this was just one piece to the larger puzzle they assembled. Grodnik and Senn wanted to provide customers with a digital experience that was more than simply a repository of information and an e-commerce transaction; rather, they sought to extend digitally the human touch of its services. It was at this point that Grodnik and Senn turned to LivePerson. Monitoring traffic in real time and proactively approaching customers with offers at the right moment were critical considerations for them.

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