Right on the Map with Coventry

DMR_week74_3If you’re thinking about hosting a convention on a global level or you’re ready to close the impressive international deal that will put you on the map, look to Coventry. Situated only 95 miles outside of London, Coventry is a hub of activity in Great Britain. Known for its spirit of cooperation, it’s a place where business flourishes, including the Jaguar headquarters and a host of other industries, such as engineering, science, and cycling.

Hosting an important conference, presentation, or training session in Coventry means everything has to come together. You need a professional building, top-notch technology, and supplies when you are trying to benefit from the reputation of this metropolitan borough. Whether you are connecting with important contacts for one afternoon, plan on an extended stay, or will be returning periodically, finding office space in Coventry is a priority. Taking out a lease is the last thing you want when you are not planning on a long-term commitment in the city. Turn to Davinci meeting rooms for temporary and professional meeting spaces.

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Four Innovative and Effective Management Styles to Try This Year

DMR_week74_2The best managers in the world all have something in common. It’s not a degree from the best university or a crystal ball to predict project outcomes. The best managers possess adaptability. You don’t always want to stay married to a certain leadership style, especially if your team members change or the work expectations shift. Here are four popular management styles to try on for size this year:

The Democratic Leader

This strategy is a great way to turn employees into team players. Studies show that employees become more invested in projects that contain some of their own ideas. Encourage your employees to provide input on projects and policies. Always validate the ideas and thoughts of your employees.

The Coach

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Chocolates and Suits: Business in Brussels

DMR_week74_1Chocolates, beer, and business, oh my! Brussels, Belgium is a marriage of fine taste and prim sincerity. One step onto their historic streets will leave you surrounded by a dizzying array of fine chocolates, draft beers, and architectural styles. Don’t let the sweet exterior fool you, though. Brussels has one of the most vivacious import-export industries in the world.

As the official capital of the European Union, the city is a chocolate box of businesses, politics, and tourism, with something for every business taste. Brussels is prized as a corporate test market. However, beware of high costs on office buildings if you’re looking to open up in the city. While you wait for your permits, don’t get stranded with nothing more than hotel conference rooms for meetings. Renting a low-cost space from Davinci meeting rooms will keep your business up to par with the local style while also providing you with the tools you need to succeed.

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