The Taste of Success in the Big Apple

apple-webYou love your cozy corner of the world. You wouldn’t trade your city’s sports team, ethereal weather, or rugged attitude for anything in the world. You even love your slice of the country enough to run your business there. None of this changes the fact that you need to get to New York City to play with the big dogs. We’re not suggesting that you pack up and move to the Big Apple. We’re simply suggesting that you need to take a little nibble out of it. New York City is the place where media enterprises and international embassies are as common as celebrities and subway cars. It’s the place you need to be to interact with Wall Street investors, important innovative leaders, and leading vendors.

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Business Chowder in San Francisco

DMR_week77_3The creator of the next digital empire could be sitting next to you while you chow down on sourdough bread in San Francisco. It’s no secret that great minds meet in the City by the Bay, which is exactly why you’re in town in the first place.

As a small-business owner you know that you need to surround yourself with the best talent available. You may have the most innovative product out there, but a marriage of ideas and skills is just the ticket for true success. And what better place to meet up than San Francisco? Seasoned corporations and fresh technology ventures make this city one of the best spots on the globe for business-minded people. A combination of savvy residents and an influx of global investors make the city an exciting place to be.

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How to Win Boss of the Year

77_2It’s not easy being the boss. For your business to succeed, you not only have to perform your own work effectively but need to motivate your employees to do their jobs well, too. While you may not need a coffee cup or plaque emblazoned with “Boss of the Year” to verify that you’re an effective manager, earning that title in the eyes of your staff can help ensure that you retain the brightest and best employees. Use these four tips to inspire loyalty, productivity, and dedication.

Set Employees Up for Success

Employees perform better when they feel challenged but not overwhelmed. Provide your employees with the instruction, training, and tools that they need to perform their jobs effectively and efficiently. Identify priorities, set attainable goals, and make your expectations clear.

Practice Positive Reinforcement

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Dominating the Competition in Old Dominion

DMR_week77_1You may not show up to work in a Pilgrim hat, but the American spirit of fortitude and ingenuity beats in your veins. And when it comes to being an entrepreneur, there are few better places to get established than the birth place of the nation.

Since the first English settlers sailed into the mouth of Chesapeake Bay in 1607, Virginia has sparked the interest of the business world. From the agricultural crops that helped establish Virginia as a permanent colony to the computer chips that now make up the state’s highest grossing exports, Old Dominion continues to play a major role in shaping America’s economy. Whether you’re looking to expand your business or start up a new company, you’ll be hard pressed to find a better place to set up shop than in the birthplace of America.

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From Pastries to Profits in Nebraska

?????????????????????????????Working at home has been a dream, and you don’t want to have to go back to driving to an office every day. It’s much more enjoyable sitting in your home office and enjoying the vast Nebraska landscape than it is to sit in your car for an hour commuting to a job. Sometimes, however, you do need to meet with clients in person or have a conference, and it doesn’t seem very professional to do these things in your living room or a cafe. People aren’t expecting to discuss Nebraska’s banking, manufacturing, or marketing industries where people are sipping coffee and eating pastries.

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Minding Your Manners When You’re Dining out with the Boss

???????????????????????????????What’s the first thing to do when you’re invited by your boss to dine out? Accept! Breaking bread with the chief offers a golden opportunity to prove that you can mix with the bigwigs with ease and flair. If your social skills pass muster, the dinner could lead to a much-needed raise or a coveted promotion. These four etiquette tips will help you mind your manners so you don’t wind up with egg on your face.

1. The Pre-Dinner Ritual

Dining out with your boss isn’t really about food. It’s your chance to show that you know how to act properly in social occasions. Arrive early to the restaurant, put your cell phone on silent mode, and come prepared to engage in light conversation. It’s okay to order a drink if your boss urges it, but do your darndest to avoid downing more than one.

2. Ordering the Meal

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Setting Up Shop in Sweet Home Alabama

heart-of-dixie-webYou’ve worked hard to take your business to the next level, and now you are ready to expand your presence in the Heart of Dixie. Smart move! As the second least tax-burdened state in the nation, Alabama is a great place to grow your profits, providing you have the necessary office space you’ll need to compete with the state’s industry leaders. The last thing you want now is to compromise your standards just when your firm is coming into its own.

Perhaps you’re looking for temporary space you can use for a few months while you’re moving your business to Alabama or relocating within the state. You may even be searching for meeting rooms to rent for a one-day conference to ensure you make a great impression on important clients. Whatever your needs, Davinci meeting rooms can provide you with the professional space you need to let employees, associates, and potential clients know you mean business.

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Taking a Bite out of Georgia’s Peachy Business Opportunities

???????????????????????????????As you walk through the streets of Georgia, there is little doubt you recognize the logos on the shiny buildings. Coca-Cola, Home Depot, Delta Air Lines, UPS, and many other Fortune 500 companies call the Peach State home. Your business might be small now, but with a little ingenuity, one day your business will be right there with the big leaguers.

Georgia has all the right ingredients for a successful venture. The state offers business-friendly incentives, a young population, and attractive weather. Unsurprisingly, Atlanta holds ranks with New York and Los Angeles as one of the cities where global trends in media and business originate.

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Things to Consider when Picking a New Office Space

DMR_week75_2Is there anything more exciting than moving your business into a new office? Whether it’s your very first space or a new home for your expanding company, finding a fresh spot to grow is a positive move toward your future success. Just remember to pick the right spot for you. The wrong space can slow you down in terms of employee morale and reputation. Here are some things to consider to find the best office space for you:


Experts are of two minds when it comes to how much you should pay in office rent. Some say you should find an office on the high-end of what you can afford in order to leave room to grow. A more upscale version of your current space will also reassure your clients and investors that your business is thriving. However, finding cheaper digs will leave you money to put right back into your business. Think about where your company is and whether a large space and prestigious address will eventually pay for itself.

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Racing to Get Ahead in the Bluegrass State

DMR_week75_1When you’re setting your business sights on Kentucky, look closer than the derby hats and sweet tea. As an entrepreneur looking to break into America’s heartland, this state offers a booming business climate worth paying attention to.

In the Bluegrass State, the only thing that runs faster than the race horses is commerce. As the home of big energy, agriculture, and car manufacturing, Kentucky has an active business marketplace. Your company has to make smart choices to remain a frontrunner in the neck-in-neck corporate atmosphere. Davinci meeting rooms offer your company the chance to establish a professional presence in Kentucky’s economic hubs without spending a fortune on permanent office space.

Kentucky is a sprawling state, and hiring top talent often demands you scout in the larger cities. Davinci has an inexpensive, efficient solution to this logistical conundrum. You can secure day offices from Davinci to interview potential recruits with a professional appearance. Once you have your dream team built, Davinci will help you rent large training spaces as well.

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