How to Encourage Team-Building

DMR_week70_2Whether you are just getting your feet wet in the world of business or you have been at the helm of an impressive corporation, your success will not depend on you alone. You need to have a strong group of people around you who can strengthen your endeavors. Take some tips on how to encourage team-building in order to increase your potential.

Open the Lines of Communication

You need to welcome the input of those around you. Remain open-minded and ask for suggestions. Make sure you also allow your staff the opportunity to share their creative ideas and concerns. You will never have true camaraderie between your staff members, if you do not allow them to speak their minds.

Utilize Your Areas of Strength and Interest

Know your staff. Understand the strengths of particular employees and their interests. Pair individuals up who will complement each other, providing balance and enthusiasm for each project. Look for chemistry and steer clear of partnerships between co-workers who clash.

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Breaking onto the Shenzhen Scene

DMR_week70_1With big skyscrapers and bright city lights, Shenzhen is on the brink of greatness. This Chinese city, just a few shakes over from Hong Kong, is in world view. If you’re a business owner walking along the clean city streets of Shenzhen, you might be asking yourself how to make a mark in this up-and-coming city. It’s not easy breaking into the Chinese market, let alone lease an astronomically expensive business office in the country. However, as a savvy business person, you know there are alternative options out there. Davinci meeting rooms are just up your alley.

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