Hamburg: City of Meats and Meetings

DMR_week73_3While Hamburg, Germany, may or may not be the birthplace of the world’s tastiest sandwich – yes, the glorious hamburger – the city is filled with great food and drink of all kinds. For centuries it has brewed and exported high-quality beer, and its citizens are known for their love of German sausages. Although you could spend all your time there happily feasting and sipping cold ones, Hamburg is also the perfect venue for something else: doing business.

Hamburg is situated on the Elbe river in Northern Germany. Its port is one of the busiest in Europe, moving over a hundred million tons of goods every year from its strategic location near the North Sea. It’s also a transportation hub and a center for banking, as well as a prime destination for tourists. For the entrepreneur who wants to tap into the European market, or an established business looking to create new clients, Hamburg is an ideal location to launch your project.

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Nimble Ways to Stay Healthy at Work

DMR_week73_2Let’s face it; we all know that sitting behind a desk for 40 hours a week isn’t healthy. Vending machines sabotage your diet, your posture slumps, and your brain frazzles. Kick your old habits to the curb and try some of these healthy ideas instead. You’ll start feeling energized on day one.

Get Up and Move!

Sitting behind a desk all day can give you poor posture, increases your risk of heart disease, and slows your metabolism. Fight it by making sure you get up from your computer every hour. Take the stairs instead of the elevator, and take a walk on your lunch break.

Drink Swap

Swap at least one cup of coffee a day for green tea, hot or iced. Green tea contains two important and healthy compounds: the amino acid l-theanine and the antioxidant phytonutrient called EGCG. Working together with caffeine, these compounds promote a relaxed yet alert mental state, calm your appetite, and even combat the health impact of poor indoor air quality.

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Making Big Bucks in the City of Banks

DMR_week73_1In the City of Banks, you have to swim strong or be swept away by the force of Europe’s economic flow. Nestled along the edges of Germany’s Main River is a city whose economic current surges stronger than the river itself. Frankfurt is Germany’s alpha city, a crown jewel that blends deep roots and bustling, new growth on every street corner. Gothic buildings, the face of tradition and dignity, stand next to the gleaming skyscrapers of modern prosperity.

Frankfurt is the beating heart of European finance. Over 200 banks do business in the city, earning it the nickname “Bankfurt.” It’s home to the European Central Bank, the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, and the Messe Frankfurt, the world’s largest trade fair. This thriving financial scene makes Frankfurt one of the most expensive cities in Europe. To avoid the high cost of transportation and commercial real estate, you need premium rental properties like those from Davinci meeting rooms.

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Making an Impression in Washington D.C.

???????????????????????????????Perhaps no American image is more iconic than the Washington, D.C. skyline. The majestic capitol dome, the striking pencil of the Washington Monument, and the grounding force of the Lincoln Memorial sit atop the glistening expanse of the Potomac River. Snow-dusted in winter and bursting with cherry blossoms in spring, D.C. is as economically bustling as it is beautiful.

D.C. is a hub for healthcare, the heart of American politics and, of course, the stomping grounds for some of the Nation’s top defense contractors. Boasting the fourth largest metropolitan economy in America also makes it one of the most expensive cities to conduct business. You can avoid premium pricing while still making the right impression on potential clients, partners, and prospective employees by using temporary office space from Davinci meeting rooms.

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Tips for Powerful Body Language

DMR_week72_2In the 1960s, UCLA professor Dr. Albert Mehrabian concluded that at least 55% of communication is non-verbal. To truly master communication, you need to polish up your physical eloquence. Harnessing your body language is an incredible tool for projecting confidence, competence, and good character. With these expert tips, you’ll be able to walk the walk, as well as talk the talk.

  • Take your hands out of your pockets and put them in plain view. Pocketed hands project uncertainty, and people are less likely to trust you, if they can’t see your hands.
  • When making a presentation, use movement to your advantage. Engage your audience by moving forward when you are trying to make a point, and take a step back when you are pausing or switching between talking points.
  • Leaning forward and resting your hands comfortably on a table, palms showing, facilitates warm, open communication. This is an excellent way to get potential clients or partners more engaged and help employees feel more comfortable.

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An Office Space in Wild Wyoming

DMR_week72_1You’re walking around the wild of Wyoming and see nothing but business potential. You’ve been looking for a place to open up a new warehouse for manufacturing “Made in the USA”, and you don’t get more American than the Cowboy State.

Now, as you’re wandering around, looking at land property, you might have noticed how there isn’t a lot of places large enough to hold a meeting of all the people you’ll need to build and a new business location. Office space and convention centers can be pretty rare in many parts of the state, and many hotels simply aren’t equipped to handle a large group of corporate clients. It can be pretty difficult to get a professional meeting space, when you need a temporary set-up.

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Sand and Sales in Sunny San Diego

DMR_week71_3Your new firm is slowly coming into its own, and you’ve been working late nights and weekends to make it all happen. Now you’re trying to leave your mark on Southern California, and you really want to impress your prospective clients. Unfortunately, you’re just not ready to commit to one of the multimillion-dollar property investments that San Diego is so well known for.

Conducting meetings in beachside cantinas and restaurants is out of the question. You were able to wow some of your partners by wining and dining them initially, but now they want to see something more substantive than trendy lunchtime powwows. Regardless how great your products and ideas are, you will have to imbue people with confidence in your business as an organization.

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How You Know it’s Time to Get a Bigger Office for Your Business

DMR_week71_2You are a competitive entrepreneur, taking the world by storm. However, you are sensing there’s trouble in your office because things are starting to feel crowded. Here are a few hints that it’s time to think big and move up to the next level in office space.

There’s Too Much Squabbling Going On

If you notice that tempers are running high and no one is getting along, it could be that things are too close for comfort. Your employees need to feel like they can move, take a deep breath, and have a little privacy. No one should have to sit on someone’s desk when they are trying to have a conversation.

The Fridge is Stuffed

You know there’s a problem when there is no room at the inn when it comes to your staff room fridge. When your employees start brown bagging it or putting a cooler under their desks, you need to think about getting an office that has enough room for a refrigerator with ample space.

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Seattle is a City of Epic Success Stories

DMR_week71_1It’s raining, it’s pouring, but don’t think of Seattle as a wash out. This trendy city is always a few steps ahead of the rest of the country in music, fashion, and business. The streets of Seattle are lined with iconic success stories, such as Amazon and Starbucks. The list of influential corporations based out of Seattle is full of major retailers, software giants, and powerful entertainment providers.

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Strike Gold with the Right Image in San Francisco

DMR_week70_3San Francisco is a city of golden opportunities. This urban wonderland is known for historic buildings, breathtaking hills, and progressive attitudes. Many of the world’s most famous start-up companies were birthed inside San Francisco buildings. The beautiful weather, bountiful business opportunities, and exciting social scene of the city attract entrepreneurs and moguls from all over the world. People have flocked to San Francisco in search of fortune since the days of the California Gold Rush. A new kind of gold can be found in the city today, as San Francisco is home to many giants in the technology sector. It is also a hub for art, banking, marketing, and a wide variety of lucrative industries. Big ideas are born in San Francisco every single day.

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