Shanghai: The Commercial Gateway to China

DMR_week66_1Situated at the mouth of the Yangtze River on China’s east coast, Shanghai is a global financial center and home to the busiest container port in the world. It has been a major administrative, commercial, and trading hub for hundreds of years. The economic reforms of the late 20th century have brought intense redevelopment and significant foreign investment to Shanghai as it solidifies itself as a linchpin for trade between east and west. The Shanghai Stock Exchange is the third largest by trading volume in the world.

The city is also a popular tourist destination. This showpiece of mainland China’s booming economy boasts historical landmarks such as the Yu Garden, The Bund, and the City of God Temple, as well as several world-renowned museums. Each year, this important international commercial and cultural center plays host a large number of conferences, conventions, and other high-level corporate activities. This popularity and development have caused Shanghai to become one of the most expensive cities in Asia in which to live and conduct business.

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A New Dawn in Tucson

DMR_week65_3Tucson is a city full of tremendous opportunities, and using Davinci meeting rooms will provide your company immense value when you want to make a good impression. You will have access to spacious conference rooms equipped with modern presentation tools and technology resources. The end of disorganized business travel is here, as you can forget about being at the mercy of hotel staff members for technical support. Your employees will be able to make a solid impression when they have an organized day office to work from the next time you deploy them to Tucson.

Attractive weather and a low cost of living are reasons why this city in Arizona is a hot place for new businesses. The local economy has been energized by the emergence of a thriving technology sector and a growing manufacturing industry. Many companies and individuals are discovering the importance of establishing a presence in the American Southwest. Utilizing a temporary space in Tucson allows you to get your name in the game without throwing down a large investment on a piece of property.

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A Few Simple Ways to Keep Your Employees Happy

DMR_week65_2One of the most important tasks you have as a boss is to keep your employees’ morale up. A happy employee will produce greater work, offer more creativity, and make your own work day more enjoyable. Here are a few easy changes to reduce stress and increase happiness in your office.

Add a New Pop of Color and Décor to Their Workspace

You’ll be amazed at what some color and a few plants can do. Workers who feel comfortable in their workspace are more satisfied with their jobs. Keep plants and colorful artwork around, ask what changes to the office layout they would like to see, and upgrade any drab office decor you can.

Keep An Open-Door Policy

Everyone is happier when they feel like they’re an active part of a team instead of a scurrying underling. Maintain a policy in which any member of your staff, even a cleaning crew member, can approach you with ideas and concerns. Make sure everybody knows about this policy, and never turn anybody away.

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