Inexpensive Ways to Boost Employee Morale

DMR_week57_2Your company’s morale can make or break your business. Low morale takes away creativity, work ethic, and cohesive vision, which stunts your company’s growth. Some of the most common reasons for low company morale include feelings of: limited mobility, dysfunctional management, lack of job security, low pay, and unbalanced expectations of work and home life.

Luckily there are a few cheap ways to get back on track and boost company morale before it becomes a problem.

Thank You Again

Employees work better when they feel valued. Don’t just thank them for their work; try to pinpoint the best thing they produced during the week or month. Perhaps there was a project they handled especially well, or some part of a project you thought had an extra level of cleverness, foresight, or wit. All it takes is a sentence or two of extra acknowledgement, and watch how the employee puts in the little extra effort for the next assignment.

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Taming the Concrete Jungle of Manhattan with a Davinci Meeting Room

DMR_week57_1Manhattan is the pulse of American culture. The latest fashions, music, magazines, books, and television are all created inside those tall glass skyscrapers lining the busy streets. Some of the most creative minds work in this area of New York City, making it the place to meet for any business looking to break into the arts and entertainment industry.

Davinci Meeting Rooms allows your company to rent a space in bustling Manhattan for a few months, a few weeks, or a few days. Use the place to meet with clients, interview potential employees, and impress investors with your plum office right in the center of one of the most expensive areas in the world.

If your company is in any way related to entertainment and the arts, this is the city to spend some time in. Davinci Meeting Rooms simply makes it easier for you and your business to set up shop in Manhattan without those rent costs as high as the buildings themselves.

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Take Sail with a Vancouver Davinci Meeting Room

DMR_week56_3The hearts of most economies beat by its oceans. Over ninety percent of all world trade is carried across the world’s oceans, making shipping ports the cornerstones of many nations’ economies. When it comes time for trading companies to interact with clients and business partners, port cities are the place to meet.

This makes Vancouver an ideal city for a conference, meeting, or seminar between export and import-based businesses. Vancouver’s port is the fourth largest in North America and Canada’s largest and most diversified port. In fact, the Port of Vancouver trades with 130 different economies annually. When your business needs to discuss international trading, this is the kind of city to meet up in.

All sorts of businesses, regardless of whether they are associated with trading, can set up a meeting place with Davinci Meetings Rooms in Vancouver. These temporary spaces are geared for businesses looking to stay in the city for a few days or a few weeks as they make partnerships, conduct business, and discuss strategies.

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