Moving on Up with a Meeting Room in the Lower East Side

DMR_week60_3The Lower East Side is located in Manhattan, which is often referred to as the United States’ cultural and economic hub. Recently placed on The National Trust for Historic Preservation’s list of America’s Most Endangered Places, the Lower East Side is a historic neighborhood with an up-and-coming arts and music scene. In addition to the various art galleries and music venues dotting the streets of the Lower East Side, Clinton Street’s restaurant row attracts hungry locals and visitors alike looking for a trendy spot to nosh.

While an alluring creative scene and delicious cuisine are certainly appealing, when it comes to getting down to business in Manhattan, the LES has it covered. Davinci Meeting Rooms in the LES provides space for companies in need of a professional environment to convene. Perhaps your company is featuring a booth at your industry’s trade show at the nearby Jacob K. Javits Convention Center in the West side of Manhattan. It’s likely your team has arrived in the city a few days early to prep for the presentation to ensure everything runs smoothly. In this case, reserving at least a hot desking space with Davinci is a business savvy move.

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Tips for Meeting with Your CEO

DMR_week60_2You’ve spent months jumping through hoops and leaping over obstacles to land a face-to-face meeting with your company’s CEO, and finally, your persistence has paid off. You have a meeting scheduled for next Friday. Once the excitement has subsided, you realize there’s only one week to prepare for the meeting, which could ultimately change the course of your career. Keep calm, don’t stress, and follow these simple tips for success:
Portray Confidence
Some professionals judge one another based on their handshakes. A limp “dead fish” handshake may give off a timid, incompetent vibe. A strong handshake, on the other hand, exudes confidence and capability. Practice a firm handshake, but as a general rule, avoid crushing the CEO’s hand.

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Business is a Walk in the Park with a Gramercy Park Davinci Meeting Rooms

DMR_week60_1If you like your business conferences with a dash of style and a few shakes of class, book one of the many Davinci Meeting Rooms in New York City’s upscale Gramercy Park Flatiron district. This area is home to a wide array of pristine architecture and classic aesthetic.  Needless to say, this particular neighborhood exudes a sense of wealth and established business.

The Gramercy Flatiron District, named after the famed Flatiron Building and Gramercy Park, is one of the safest and aesthetically-pleasing areas of New York City. While it’s certainly a bustling area on the outside, the inside of the neighborhood is peaceful enough to fully form new ideas for the next direction of your business.

Your goal as a business conference host is to inspire your employees and business partners; not bore them. Sending the team to New York City, with its humming life and creativity, is just the place for an interactive conference. And with Davinci Meeting Rooms, you have the freedom to choose just what kind of conference space you want.

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Don’t Miss a Beat with Davinci Meeting Rooms in Greenwich Village

DMR_week59_3The art scene wouldn’t be what it is today without the Beat Revolution of the 1950s and 1960s. This boom in art, culture, and literature redefined the definition of cool, and those reverberations still exist today. It’s highly likely your media or art business traces some of its roots back to the Beats and where it all started: Greenwich Village.

When it comes time to host your next meeting or conference, why not host it in Greenwich Village, one of the birthplaces of the modern art scene? Davinci Meeting Rooms makes it easy to set up shop in this historic New York City neighborhood.

Davinci Meeting Rooms offers everything you need for a successful meeting. Take your pick from intimate day offices, co-sharing spaces, and small conference rooms, or if you need something larger, choose a training room, event space, or large boardroom. All of your other conference needs are taken care of, as well. You’ll have full access to WiFi, office supplies, and presentation tools.

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What’s Your Style? Harness the Three Main Learning Styles

DMR_week59_2You’re standing in one of the Davinci Meeting Rooms you’ve rented, ten minutes into your presentation, and unfortunately, you see eyes beginning to close and unabashed yawns spreading throughout the audience. Don’t worry; it might not be your message putting your audience members to sleep, but your delivery of the message.

Everyone has a preferred learning style, but these styles usually fall into three main categories. If you’re relying too much on one or the other, you may be isolating a good chunk of your audience. To prevent those glazed over faces in the crowd, keep these three learning styles in mind during your next presentation.

Visual Learners

Most people fit into the visual learning category. They need to be shown graphs, charts, and pictures to best understand what you’re trying to convey. Try adding more visuals to your presentation in a few different ways. Mix up pie charts with bar graphs, throw in a few easy-to-understand infographics, and maybe add a short video clip of your product in action.

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Let Your Business Bloom with a Bloomsbury Meeting Space

DMR_week59_1Bloomsbury, London has long been regarded as an intellectual hub, as the arts, medicine, and education have all flourished in this central London neighborhood since its early beginnings in the 17th century. In more recent years, during the first half of the 20th century, the Bloomsbury Group further represented the forwarding thinking nature of the area, as prominent literary leaders such as Virginia Woolf and E.M. Forster wrote some of their famous works in Bloomsbury. With a strong dedication to the arts and attention to fields such as economics, health, and literature, Bloomsbury is a diverse locale with numerous colleges, health institutes, museums, and more.

This sense of intellectualism Bloomsbury exudes is a connotation many companies are pleased to associate with their line of business. After all, Bloomsbury exemplifies a quaint historic neighborhood, which has produced innovative ideas and thought processes for centuries. Filled with museums with worldly artefacts, the London Mathematical Society, and various hospitals, Bloomsbury encompasses it all. Famous figures have even taken up residency in this British neighborhood, including Charles Darwin, Charles Dickens, and Bob Marley, which only further proves the diversity and attraction of this area.

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West End is the Right End for Meeting Rooms in London

DMR_week58_3According to CNBC, the West End of London is the world’s second most expensive city to rent office space. Home to famous tourist attractions such as Trafalgar Square, Oxford Street, and the West End theatres, along with numerous businesses and institutes, it’s no wonder the West End is a highly sought-after real estate destination.

While well-established businesses are willing to pay the skyrocketing prices for office space in this entertainment metropolis, companies traveling through or making a business stop in West End aren’t quite as likely to pay these high price tags for temporary offices. Sometimes businesses simply need meeting space for a multi-day conference, while other times they want office space for a several-day or multiple-month project. West End provides plenty of districts, which are appealing to companies, but long-term rental agreements for short-term space in these areas are not as attractive as the view from those office buildings.

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Savvy Tips for Business Travel

Sign trip. Illustration of a group of suitcases and a plane ticket, summer vacation and travel3Traveling for business is exciting as you venture to a new destination and meet up with your remote clients or employees, but it can also be stressful, if you don’t know how to properly prepare for such a trip. Between long flights and misplaced luggage, there’s an array of things which could potentially increase your stress level, but follow these three tips for a more hassle-free business trip:

Book the Meeting Space Ahead of Time

While Davinci Meeting Rooms around the globe offer flexible meeting schedules and an assortment of space and time slots, do yourself and all of your meeting attendees a favor and make reservations for the room ahead of time, just in case. Just imagine how unprofessional it would look, if your potential vendors hop on an airplane, arrive at the meeting location, only to find the space you need is unavailable. Something tells us meeting in the hotel courtyard won’t give off the impression you’re looking to portray.

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Adding Flare to Your Business with a Soho Davinci Meeting Room

DMR_week58_1Your business will go through many lives before it hits its stride, if it hasn’t already. Maybe it began as a start-up with only a few people working from home and grew to a multi-person corporation. Evolution is good in business, as well as a little zest to keep things interesting as your business grows.

When it comes time for your next meeting abroad or seminar with the other players in your industry, you’re going to want to pick a location with bit of oomph to it. Look no further than Soho, London.

Soho has gone through many changes through the centuries. From a small English town, to the rich capital of 18th century aristocracy, and its reputation today as a trendy artistic center, Soho is a city with a bit of unmistakable flare.

If your business likes pushing the boundaries in terms of art, culture, and entertainment, host your next meeting in a city known for its creativity and open-mindedness.

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Jelly Doughnuts and Davinci Meeting Rooms in Berlin

DMR_week57_3President John F. Kennedy famously addressed Germany with the phrase “Ich bin ein Berliner,” translating to “I am a Berliner” in 1963. Although the story humorously goes he added “ein” into his phrase and instead saying, “I am a jelly doughnut,” so the phrase has stuck. Regardless of the president’s knack for German, you too can be a Berliner (or a jelly doughnut) for a few days when you attend a business meeting in Berlin. And better yet, during your business trip, you can even visit the West Berlin city hall, Rathaus Schoneberg, where JFK delivered his famous speech.

Berlin, Germany is a diverse and worldly city, with a wealth of different industries and corporations. The capital city embraces various different business sectors, including IT, media, biotechnology, and renewable energy, among countless other prominent industries. Berlin also hosts 147 foreign embassies, and is home to several impressive convention centers, such as the Estrel Convention Center, International Congress Centre Berlin, and the Trade Fair Centre Berlin.

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