Meeting Space in the “Silicon Hills” of Austin, Texas

DMR_week53_1Nicknamed “Silicon Hills” for its growing tech industry, Austin, Texas is a busy city perfect for a vast selection of businesses. Austin has a wonderfully jumbled up cultural identity, which blends country with city, and offers hard work mentalities with artist creativity.


Austin is a great place for business because it combines so many different talents and interests together, which creates a space of innovation. Luckily it’s easy to rent a meeting space in Austin, Texas with Davinci Meeting Rooms.


Companies can use Davinci Meeting Rooms for a temporary meeting area and office. This is great for businesses hosting a conference in town for a week or two. A temporary meeting room is also a good fit for up-and-coming Austin businesses looking for temporary work spaces as they grow their company.


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Capitalizing on a Davinci Meeting Room in California’s Capital of Sacramento

DMR_week52_3As the capital city of California, Sacramento is a decision-making city. California’s economy is the 9th largest in the world, making it a center of trade and commerce.  Sacramento and the nearby Bay Area is a hotbed of tech innovation and agricultural exports, making this area a highly sought-after venue.


Despite the pressures of a high-powered economy, Sacramento itself is a friendly city. This sunny town is widely diverse and delicately balances the feel of the Old West with modern avenues and business districts. This is just the kind of place to host a conference with a Davinci Meeting Room.


A Davinci Meeting Room is a temporary office space a company can rent for the day, a few weeks, or a few months. This is perfect for a local company in need of a little extra meeting space for a large presentation, and it’s also ideal for a company looking for a spot to bring their whole team together on a work trip.

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How to Dress for Success

Happy business people standing together against white backgroundWhen you’re interviewing for your dream job or you’re leading a conference, whether you like it or not, your outfit choice says a lot about you. Your clothing is a representation of yourself and a major contributing factor to the first impression you’re giving. You want your clothes to scream “professional,” “competent,” and “successful,” and certainly not “sloppy,” “careless,” or “unpolished.” Men and women can both follow these three simple style tips to help them dress to impress:


Find a Good Fit


Ill-fitting clothing won’t do any favors for your first impression. If your garments are too tight or too loose, they will garnish the wrong kind of attention. Instead of focusing on you and your speech, your audience might feel distracted by the almost-popping buttons on your blouse or your pant legs dragging along the carpet.


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