Tips for Conducting a Successful Interview

DMR_week56_2We always hear advice about how to impress a potential employer or how to land a job through an awesome interview, but what about the other side? An employer looking for a star pupil needs to know how to sift through the talent, ask the right questions, and present the open position in an attractive light. If you’ve never conducted an interview before, you may feel as much as pressure as if you’re sitting in the hot seat yourself! Follow these simple rules and don’t sweat it when it comes to interviewing a job candidate:

Location, Location, Location

The location could potentially make or break the interview before it has even begun. While you may think meeting up at a bar over a few beers will make you seem like a laidback and cool boss, this isn’t the ideal interviewing location. Similarly, if you work from home, conducting an interview from your kitchen or living room could isolate your interviewee as he or she is forced to interview on your turf while dealing with your pets, mess, or personal distractions.

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Meeting Space in the City Where the East Meets the West

DMR_week56_1When it’s time for you to decide on a location to hold an important meeting, presentation, or seminar, you’ll want to choose a city with not only a good business reputation, but also a city with relevance to your field. If your company is associated with the financial industry or global trade, you may want to consider Hong Kong for your next meeting location.

Hong Kong is considered the spot where “East meets West,” as it is home to a vast number of corporate headquarters and a well-established international financial center. It’s a hub for businesses around the world to convene and meet in what’s known as the freest capitalist economy in the world, according to the Index of Economic Freedom. Hong Kong is also a major focal point for international finance and trade, which only further contributes to its attractiveness as a location for global meetings and seminars.

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Business Benefits and Entertainment Enticements in Atlanta

DMR_week55_3Sometimes traveling for business can be a pain, especially when the destination is seemingly in the middle of nowhere. After a long day meeting with clients or partners, it’s no fun to taxi back and eat alone at the hotel restaurant for dinner because there’s nowhere else nearby to eat and nothing to do in the area. Next time you have say in where your company hosts its next seminar or conference, why not choose a place that provides all with some entertainment?

Fortunately, Davinci Meeting Rooms offers a huge selection of space in cities all around the world. Davinci features meeting space for conferences, seminars, presentations, and day offices in Atlanta, Georgia, which is one popular destination in particular for hosting meetings. This Georgia capital isn’t just an entertainment city, but it’s also a leader in the business and economy realm.

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Not Me! How to Avoid the Office Flu

DMR_week55_2‘Tis the season again. No, not the holidays: flu season. And unfortunately, the flu quickly spreads within an office. While the idea of isolating your sick co-workers into contamination rooms is certainly tempting, there are other, much friendlier, ways to stay healthy during the flu season.

Keep Hand Sanitizer Handy

Walking around the office with rubber gloves isn’t exactly style-friendly, and it’s too hard to avoid using doorknobs and faucet handles completely. The way to combat this is by keeping a small bottle of hand sanitizer close by your desk so you can quickly kill the flu germs.

Stay More Hydrated Than Usual

Your body gets sick when your immune system is weak. This can happen due to lack of sleep, too much stress, and not enough liquids to keep you healthily hydrated. Keep an extra water bottle or two at your desk to remind you to drink more H2O while at work.

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Meeting with Talent in an Albuquerque Meeting Room

DMR_week55_1When you’re surrounded by talent, it’s easy to feel inspired. Conferences are the best way to share ideas, meet new people, and come up with fresh plans for growing your business. This is especially true, if your company is in the technology industry. New ideas happen every day in this rapidly changing line of business making interactive conferences and meetings a must.

One of the fastest growing places in the tech world is the New Mexico Technology Corridor, which has a high concentration of tech companies both privately-owned and government-based. Solar energy and other scientific industries are also popular in this region.

It’s easy to host a conference in this emerging Technology Corridor with Davinci Meeting Rooms in Albuquerque. Companies can rent office spaces for the day, a week, or a few months. This is a great option for companies looking for professional yet temporary work areas.

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A Love for Business in the City of Brotherly Love

DMR_week54_3Philadelphia, the City of Brotherly Love, is much more than cheese steaks and soft pretzels. In fact, the Pennsylvania city is home to a number of Fortune 500 companies and the Philadelphia Stock Exchange. Businesses in the area dabble in finance, health care, and information technology, along with manufacturing and oil refining, making this city a mecca for a wide-range of business professionals.

Because Philadelphia offers such a variety of opportunities for business-minded individuals, it’s a popular location to live near or travel to on business. And because the city attracts so many business professionals, Davinci provides the ideal meeting locations to accommodate your meetings. From interview rooms to conference rooms, Davinci Meeting Rooms meets all your business necessities.

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Davinci Meeting Rooms Outshine Hotel Meeting Rooms

DMR_week54_2Oftentimes when companies are traveling for business or meeting with clients in a different city, reserving a hotel room for meeting space is usually the go-to option. Sure, it might be convenient to roll out of bed and head down to the meeting room in the hotel lobby, but what are some of the downfalls of a traditional hotel meeting space?

For starters, what if the hotel concierge isn’t the friendliest? The hotel front desk could unknowingly be the first impression your potential clients receive of your business. Or even worse, what if the hotel staff double-booked the meeting room? You’ve gathered all your clients or future customers in a foreign city, only to have nowhere to meet! Meeting in the lobby or in the patio area probably isn’t the level of professionalism you are hoping to convey.

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Bustling Business in a Boston Davinci Meeting Room

DMR_week54_1Boston is a city with plenty of confidence to spare. As one of the oldest cities in America, Boston has a front row seat to changes in business.  The greater Boston area is the 6th largest economy in the country and the 12th largest economy in the world, making it a great spot for any business looking to make it big.

Boston’s economy is made up of a little bit of everything, though technology, biotechnology, finance, medicine, publishing, education, and the government make up the largest areas of trade and commerce. In fact, Boston is the 4th largest cyber city in America for high tech jobs.

Boston is the perfect place for a business convention, as the city has three major convention centers, including the Hynes Convention Center, Seaport World Trade Center, and the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center. Company owners and employees can meet and greet other players in the industry as well as market to potential clients.

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Getting Down to Business in the Harbour City

DMR_week53_3Sydney is the most densely populated city in Australia, as well as the country’s main financial center, making it a prime international spot to conduct business. More than 500 multinational incorporations have their headquarters located in Sydney in addition to the more than 50% of the country’s top companies as well. Because Sydney is a hot spot for business, Davinci Meeting Rooms in the Australian city provide an easily accessible place for business travelers to convene.


Sydney Davinci Meeting Rooms offer companies the opportunity to meet in state-of-the-art meeting facilities in the Land Down Under. Find meetings rooms which best suit your size requirements, and then take advantage of all the convenient services. With meeting rooms in Sydney, you have access to HD video conferencing systems, LCD projectors, smart boards, and other presentation tools to help you run a successful conference or sales pitch. Davinci also offers secretarial services, lobby greeters, and even catering options to ensure a quality business negotiation, presentation, or meeting. Need to make copies or access the Internet? Don’t worry; meeting rooms in Sydney have you covered with copy machines, high-speed Internet, fax machines, and more.

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Upgrading the Swag Bag

DMR_week53_2Let’s be honest, everyone loves swag. Whether you’re giving a presentation representing your company or you’re rewarding your employees with some company merchandise, your swag says a lot about your business. Stay away from boring company swag with a few upgrades to create a big marketing punch.


Beach Towels and Scarves


Seasonal items are a great way to guarantee your swag will be used and be seen. If it’s summer time, a company beach towel is a good way for big advertising on the beach with the crowds. Likely, in winter, a warm scarf with the company’s logo is a good way to receive extra exposure as the wearer walks around town.


Trivia Refrigerator Magnets


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