Hooking Up with Clients in Las Vegas is a Breeze with Meeting Rooms

DMR_week48_3Las Vegas has a lofty reputation as a hook-up town. Thus, the saying “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.” But what a lot of people don’t seem to realize is that while it’s a great place to have fun, it is also a fantastic place to do business. That’s why so many companies hold their conventions there – with just enough edge on the place to entice people who otherwise try to get out of going to those boring conventions.

But just try renting out even an office space there. Like the hotel rentals, it sure isn’t cheap. Not that it ever was. Hotels cost a fortune. It’s not like you could ever get a room in a fly by night place (which basically really don’t exist anymore – at least not in any respectable area) to hold a meeting. At least, not a “business” meeting. I’ll spare you the details on that one.

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Change Will Do You Good

DMR_week48_2Your boss wants you to come to work three hours earlier because summer hours have set in. However, you are resistant, even though it means getting off three hours earlier. A lot can be said for the resistance, but the main reason you give for it is that your body rhythm is off and would have to adjust. Is this a good reason, right? If your boss agrees, the better for you.

This is a real situation. The person in question is a school custodian. Hours start in the late morning hours and end several hours after the school day has come to a close. The late shift is justifiable since it is reasonable to assume there will be a lot of trash to throwaway after school is dismissed. However, in the summertime, summer school ends in the early afternoon.

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Denver Rocks – Even for Business

DMR_week48_1Denver, CO rocks and that’s not intended to be a pun for a city whose obvious proximity to the Rocky Mountain foothills is only 12 miles from the booming downtown center. Nor does the reason it rocks have anything to do with its high elevation or its Mountain Time Zone.

Denver rocks because its scenic views and opportunities for fun and recreation make it a sought after city to live and work in. With a population of over 5 million residents, it’s easy to see the attraction.

Like most cities, Denver had humble beginnings before growing into the third most populous city in the Mountain West. Workers go to Denver seeking opportunity. Power meetings take place in boardrooms. Savvy business people know how to keep them from being bored rooms.

They know the secret to keeping workers interested is to frequently change the venue. Occasionally conducting meetings at a Davinci Meeting Rooms facility allows for healthier interaction.

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