Weather Reports and Business Reports: Enjoying a Salt Lake City Meeting Room

DMR_week52_1When your business lands you in Salt Lake City, perhaps for an annual company conference or an urgent sales pitch, you’re in luck. Not only does Utah’s capital offer a picturesque city landscape with a mountainous backdrop, but it also provides Davinci Meeting Rooms for all your business needs.


Davinci presents a variety of meeting rooms, conference rooms, and board rooms to meet the needs of your company gathering in Salt Lake City. Whether you need the meeting space for an important client meeting or a presentation with your partners, you can reserve the appropriate meeting space for however long you need it. Book the room for a few hours or for the entire day so you don’t feel pressure to race the clock. These rooms come equipped with presentation tools and catering options to ensure your meeting is a success.


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An Office Luau in Honolulu

DMR_week51_3Sandy beaches and swaying palm trees aren’t usually scenes for a work meeting, but with a Davinci Meeting Room, employers can get the gang together for a work conference worth remembering.


A meeting room is a rentable space for businesses to use for a few days or a few months. It’s perfect for companies looking for a temporary location to host a meeting between offices and co-workers. And what better place to choose a work trip than Honolulu, Hawaii?


Honolulu is the most populated city in Hawaii. It’s full of businesses, tourist attractions, and of course, pristine beaches a short walk or drive away. Honolulu is the word for “sheltered bay” and “calm port” in the Hawaiian language.  With warm temperatures year round, Honolulu deserves its reputation as a paradise in the Pacific.


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Tips and Tricks for Public Speaking

DMR_week51_2Sometimes the old ‘imagine them in their underwear’ trick just doesn’t cut it. It can feel intimidating giving a presentation in front of a room of colleagues and bosses. Glossophobia, the fear of public speaking, is one of the most common fears around and affects about 75% of Americans. But alas, presentations aren’t going anywhere, and a good presentation of your work (and yourself) can lead to better promotions and bigger paychecks.


This is why learning to curb the fear is so important when it comes to public speaking. Here are a few tips of the trade to give a confident presentation next time you’re up on deck.


Know Your Audience


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Book a Davinci Meeting Room When There’s a Foggy Day in London Town

DMR_week51_1As a bustling city where red double decker buses shoot through the streets in front of Big Ben as the speakers blare out, “Mind the Gap!” to the fast paced commuters on the Tube, London is a flurry of activity. However, London is also a place where the whole city slows down and pauses for a cup of tea each afternoon. London, England, has clearly mastered working hard and treating yourself to the simple pleasures of life.


London is a business hub, perhaps best known for its financial industry, which attracts worldwide businesses. London alone includes five business districts: Westminster, Canary Wharf, the City, Camden and Islington, and Lambeth and Southwark. And because the city holds such a prominent business seat in the world, it’s a prime spot to meet, negotiate, or draft up plans in one of Davinci’s London meeting rooms.


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Temporarily Anchor Your Business in an Anchorage Meeting Room

DMR_week50_3Anchorage, Alaska, is the largest city in the state where the moose, sheep, and elk like to roam. And although it’s not uncommon to cross paths with a bear in residential areas of Anchorage, this city packed with wildlife does in fact offer a prime place for companies to conduct business in the comfort of the indoors.


Meeting rooms in Anchorage provide businesses with the perfect opportunity to meet with clients in boardrooms or debrief with employees in conference rooms in this peaceful area of the United States. Anchorage meeting rooms offer short-term office space where companies can convene in the morning and discuss business, and then spend the afternoons hiking the Tony Knowles Coastal Trail for the best wildlife viewing.


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Pointers for a Successful Meeting

DMR_week50_2It’s Friday afternoon and your employees are itching to start their weekends. Or even worse, it’s 7:00 am and your clients are dozing off thanks to their red-eye flights to meet your crack-of-dawn presentation.  Tough crowd, huh?


You have an hour to boost your weekend warrior employees’ morale or to make a sale to your sleepy-eyed clients, so how do you pull off a successful presentation when you have a less than enthusiastic audience? Fortunately, there are several ways to lead a productive meeting with an attentive audience without resorting to your stand-up comedy routine.


Don’t go into the meeting blindly. Create an agenda, plan out the points you’d like to make and topics you want to cover, and provide your audience with copies so they can follow along. A meeting agenda helps keep you on track and stay within your time frame, while letting the crowd know what to expect to take away from your presentation. With your agenda as your guide, run through your meeting once or twice beforehand to ensure you’ve given yourself sufficient time.

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A Meeting Room in the City by the Bay

DMR_week50_1It’s easy to leave your heart in San Francisco. The “City by the Bay” is one of the beacons of innovation today. San Francisco is known for art, technology, business, and culture. It’s also situated in the prime location close to Silicon Valley, Napa Valley, and of course, Bay Area sports teams like the 49ers and the Giants.


Famous start-ups like Google and Apple all began in the Bay Area, and their entrepreneurial spirits seem to have never left the city. Inspired by this work ethic, new start-ups can enjoy a temporary meeting area and office space in San Francisco with a Davinci virtual meeting room. Business owners and their employees are welcome to work in these rented spaces for a day, a few weeks, or even a few months while they get their businesses up and running. These meeting rooms provide businesses with all the short-term space they need to successfully work their way to the top.

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Dallas, a Leading Business Center in the United States

DMR_week49_3Dallas, TX is among the more popular cities to live and work. Each day thousands of residents pack their work gear and head into their offices, confident at their ability to broker the best business deals. Their high expectation has made Dallas a leading business center in the United States.

This is a city that allows clarity of thought because of its openness. It covers nearly 400 square miles and has a population of over one million. Dallas residents will discover they are the envy of anyone having a desire to put down roots so they, too can enjoy a comfortable working lifestyle.

Dallas is made for independent workers, as well. Some are home-based while others work out of offices away from their residence. Many are solo workers seeking the ambiance that an outside work environment offers, complete with other people and minimal distractions.

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Meeting Room Trends to Consider

DMR_week49_2Hotels and meeting planners typically theorize on trends in order to cover the changing evolution of business in the most effective ways possible. For many businesses, customized hotel meeting packages do little to assuage the continually rising group rates. Below are just a few of the considerations that businesses should keep in mind when it comes to finding venues for their meetings.

Rising Group Costs

As demand increases, group rates will continue to advance commensurately. Of course, this will depend upon the location and market. Meeting planning professionals will still be in the driver’s seat since there are other options to hotels, such as Davinci Meeting Rooms. As a result, the more favorable rates offered by Davinci will be an excellent alternative to leverage the ability to make connections with new industries and companies.

Booking Pace

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How Cool Companies Can Use Seattle Meeting Room

DMR_week49_1I’ve always loved Seattle. It rains a lot, but it’s mostly mist. But I did not know this. So my friend was laughing his butt off as I busted out an umbrella every time a few drops fell.

One of the things I’ve always liked about the region is its tendency toward trendsetting. From grunge music to independent coffeehouses (yes, Starbucks is there – but the secret is that Seattleites go to Mom and Pops as much as possible. Starbucks is for the tourists and convenience).

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