Get What You Want Out of Meetings

DMR_week44_2Some company meetings have received a bad rap in recent years, because they cannot get anything resolved. Companies complain they need workers to be more productive. Workers blame the companies for wasting their time and contributing to their non-productivity by insisting they attend more meetings.

As a result many workers crinkle their noses and say they would rather spend more time working than attending a company meeting. What can be done to ensure that both sides are happy, productive workers?

Both sides can easily get what they want out of meetings in less time than they would normally have thought possible. Instead of conducting or attending a meeting that lasts for hours with no resolution, try planning ahead. Also throw in some fun activities so the entire session will leave attendees feeling good about themselves and feeling good about the company they work for.

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Meeting Rooms in Washington DC Let Businesses Shine

SONY DSCWashington DC may be known as a veritable pot boiler of government – but it’s really kind of like the political version of Hollywood. Makes sense after all since politicians are so much like actors. Only trouble is, they aren’t supposed to be acting. But that’s a whole other story.

A lot of people also may not realize there is an endless and dizzying array of stuff to do in DC. For history buffs, there are the tours of the U.S. Capitol to check out the Washington Monument at the National Park and the Lincoln, Vietnam, and Jefferson Memorials. There’s also the quaint little Ford Theatre, the National Cathedral, endless Museums, Union Station – and don’t forget the White House. It’s tough to get a tour these days, unless you know someone.

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San Diego Conference Rooms Cut Down Meeting Commutes

DMR_week43_3Contrary to what many may believe, San Diego is a whole different vibe than L.A. In fact, it prides itself on being much friendlier and family oriented. Not to mention, L.A.’s continual traffic is too horrendous for words. It used to be that you could gauge rush hour but now it’s always rush hour. Unfortunately, the 405 freeway – consistently hailed as the most congested in the nation (really more like a parking lot) – is the route most take from L.A. to San Diego. In fact, on a Tuesday night at 3 a.m. – (I’m not gonna say why I was there) – it was as packed as it had been at 4 p.m. the day prior. Go figure!

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