With Meeting Rooms, Houston Is No Problem for Start-ups!

DMR_week47_3One of the best ways for smaller businesses to get ahead has always been to grab onto the coattails of another business. Houston is an area that has stayed steady due to a strong business structure with big business. Think oil, energy, Halliburton (even if it IS notorious), but also health care institutions, grocery chains, consumer service providers, restaurants, stores and – oh yes, United Airlines.

The fact has always remained that Houston is an undisputed leader in both domestic and international business, with cultural and economic ties reaching all across the world. That being said, Houston is also a very business friendly town, with plenty of options that embrace entrepreneurs. For instance, the metro areas have consistently been rated the highest in the nation for ease of starting businesses with government support and other perks for small business start-ups.


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Teamwork Without Compromise

DMR_week47_2Teamwork without compromise could position your team for a poor ranking by management. Everyone needs to be on the same accord when working on projects. However, there will be times when someone is unable to fulfill a duty and the best thing to do is to agree to work for the betterment of those involved.

Teams exist because more heads are better than one. If the project is large and with deadlines looming in the near future, it is easier to break work into smaller segments. It is also better to have varying views to accomplish a task rather than have a single biased interpretation.

Teams are so important to the workforce that graduate schools are implementing them into their programs. One well known online university is known for its team structures and this is in addition to the individual work students have to present in classes. Cohorts also exist at many universities where students remain with the same team throughout their educational program.

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Knock ‘Em Dead with Los Angeles Meeting Rooms!

DMR_week47_1I hate to beat a dead horse, but it really is true what they say about L.A. The place is about as phony as it gets. I remember living in Santa Monica by the beach in a rent controlled place. As time went on, the rents were raised so it quickly became a tidy little conglomerate of corporate snobs.

I told my brother when he first came to L.A. years ago “Don’t become a ‘welcome to L.A. story’. Scammers here are glammed up so you believe they actually have something. Case in point, I had a couple of neighbors who turned out to be mortgage scammers. You never would have known it from the looks of them. They had the Escalade, the fancy duds, flashing money all over the place. The term for those guys was “30K Milli” – shorthand for guys who make around 30K a year but run around acting like millionaires.

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Indianapolis – A Favorable Business Tax Structure

DMR_week46_3Unfortunately, Indianapolis doesn’t seem to get the credit it deserves as a favorable place for entrepreneurs and small businesses. Part of the reason this part of the southern region of the U.S. continues to dominate in the business rankings is the favorable tax structure.

Because they don’t have all the problems of big cities like high crime, they can fund and support workforce development and education. It leads to a higher quality of life through the kinds of enhancements and incentive programs big cities usually don’t offer.

An acquaintance of mine from the Midwest already knows all of this, which is why he chose to make Indianapolis home base. His rent is much less than it would ever be in a large city – in fact, when he told me what it was, I didn’t believe him. It’s basically around half what a similar pad would cost in neighboring Chicago. And Chicago’s rates are generally far below that of major hubs like New York and Los Angeles.

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Never Settle

DMR_week46_2Some people settle for less than the best because they think they can’t do any better. They feel that opportunity will never come knocking at their door again. That is simply not the case. Sometimes the opportunity we had hoped for does not come along right away, but it does not mean you should give up hope – or worse – give up dreaming about it.

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Austin Meeting Rooms Make Businesses Look Better

DMR_week46_1The city of Austin sponsors a Professional Development Center through its Small Business Development Program with expert and inexpensive training for area small businesses. In fact, they regularly host workshops that are very helpful for entrepreneurs and start-ups.

One of the workshops I heard is considered particularly useful is one that concerns how to obtain financing. They go through the various options companies can explore in order to secure the funds needed to start, build, and operate their business. This topic is particularly relevant now because the banks are so slow at offering traditional financing – and that is putting it mildly. I think the chance of getting business financing today is about as likely as a snow storm in July. But with global warming – who knows!

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Take Manhattan with a Meeting Room!

DMR_week45_3Modern Manhattan has always been considered the bustling heart of New York’s most prominent financial, commercial, and cultural centers in the country. As such, it is also the most densely populated in the U. S. Because of this, the region attracts business people of all types, sizes, and origins. But for some, Manhattan has remained an elusive fantasy. The fact is that opening up shop in Manhattan can be akin to owning Boardwalk or Park Place while playing Monopoly. And everyone knows that is just like playing the lotto or winning at a dice game.


However, there is a way for any business to at least court clients and network with like-minded visionaries. For instance, an acquaintance of mine decided to set about making pilgrimages into Manhattan on a regular basis. He would watch Priceline for the best deals on hotels – often staying in Brooklyn or another burrow and then taking the subway into town.

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Career Change is a Choice

DMR_week45_2Some people are stuck in a rut with the same job year after year while others move around frequently because they embrace changes every so often. Whatever path you are on with jobs, a career change can be helpful to anyone trying to get out of that rut.
Career changing keeps your mind open to new thoughts and challenges. If you have been a substitute teacher for many years, but desire a change, acquiring a regular teacher’s position might prove beneficial. However, if you are thinking of leaving the world of children, but still want to teach, you might consider teaching adults. In this last case scenario, you might decide to leave education altogether and go into journalism.
Each case has its own challenges. However, the best way to decide which avenue to take is to really take a clear look at yourself. Write down your likes and dislikes and the types of things you enjoy doing which you could parlay into another career. Determine how long it will take – or whether e.g. additional education is necessary – to reach your goals.

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Wow ‘Em with Meeting Rooms in NYC

DMR_week45_1No matter what happens in the world – New York will remain a powerhouse. As such, any serious professional needs to include the city in his or her’s places to make connections. Despite its expense, NYC is filled with prospects for all entrepreneurs and small businesses. As one of the main epicenters of the universe – it presents unending opportunities for virtually every type of company.

Thankfully, there are many more ways to impress business owners. The New York state of mind is so fast forward that it can almost literally make your head spin. Virtually every major player comes to New York for one reason or another. So if you ever want to be one of those players, you have to find a way to be where the action is.

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Balance All Work and All Play in Chicago

DMR_week44_3Chicago is a top choice for recreation, work, education, and real estate. Each year thousands of people choose to converge on the Second City, seeking opportunities they feel only Chicago has to offer.
Chicago is nestled along Lake Michigan and those unfamiliar with this Great Lake may mistake it for an ocean. Ocean or not, Lake Michigan offers miles and miles of pristine beaches. Although temperatures do not hold up for year round use, many Chicagoans find fun and frolic at the beaches during the summer months well until the cool breezes of early autumn.

Recreation is great but we all must get back to reality and go to work. Many top companies are headquartered in Chicago, including Groupon, Walgreens, and United Airlines. Chicago has thousands of employers, but for those who choose to work for themselves, the opportunities are also limitless. Job seekers find Chicago extremely resourceful for career opportunities at many of these and other well-known firms.

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