What Bigwigs Know About Collaboration

DMR_week40_1Big Wigs learned a long time ago that if their business was to be a success they would have to involve others in its larger development. Not just any Joe Blow off the streets but those central figures who could lend valuable advice. In return the big wigs also learned they would have to make it worth their advisor’s while. In other words what would be in it for these advisors to give of their time? This is called a collaborative effort.

In order to put together a collaborative team you must seek out persons whose core values are in tune with yours. They must understand your values. You will also want them to understand your vision and your mission. From the monetary standpoint your financial goals should also be similar.
Decide early on how these associates will help you. Will you want them to be business partners, coaches, or part time workers? It’s truly your choice. Building a collaborative team takes research, time, and effort to put together. You begin by studying people, reading their bios, or finding stories about their businesses, and familiarizing yourself with their brand, etc.

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Crisis Makes Perfect

DMR_week39_3A crisis can set a company back in millions of dollars and mean lost customers. Although management shudders at the thought of being involved in a crisis, it is often not a matter of “if” one will strike your company, but “when” it will occur. We all make mistakes and in business there is no exception. It is nearly impossible to avoid mistakes or accidents. The key is not to worry, but to have a plan in place that will help you avert further turmoil as quickly as possible.
Thanks to the Internet and social media, many companies are spiraled into the spotlight for the betterment or detriment of their businesses. Everyone connects to social media – even companies – because they want to keep their brand in the limelight. Companies, therefore, learn to use this attention to their advantage. One wrong move, however, can put the same company in an unfavorable light.

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Rules of Meeting Engagement

DMR_week39_2Providing an agenda for a meeting is purposeful. Following it is the key to resolving many of the issues and concerns that rest on a company’s shoulders, so to speak. It helps to follow the agenda from top to bottom and if all goes well, the problems would all be resolved.

No matter how perfectly plans are laid on paper, there will always be conflicting views among the people who are attending the meeting. There might not even be a resolution in sight until several more meetings down the line.

It might be advantageous if all meetings followed the guidelines of a formal format of long ago. However, in our less formal society today, we realize formality isn’t key; it’s the rules of meeting engagement that matter.

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Curing the blues with Meeting Rooms

DMR_week39_1Bosses, beware! Employees become blue when they are get forced to continuously use older equipment. They also become blue when they use the same equipment day in and day out in the same offices. Equipment, décor, and technology, changes so rapidly that many smaller companies find it difficult to keep up with the costs of updating their office digs. To lift employees’ spirits, get them out of the drab work environment, and get them into meeting rooms.


Meeting rooms can be the answer to curing the blues among workers. Workers have an opportunity to work out of their comfort zones and sometimes it’s a change of scenery that helps them get back on the productive track they may have been lacking. The added bonus is that meeting rooms are not expensive to rent and they can be rented on a short term or long-term basis. You can also add any equipment or technology you need.

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