Why You Must Have a Meeting Agenda

DMR_week43_2To have a productive meeting, it is important to have a meeting agenda that will set its tone. Meetings are important to businesses because they help to reinforce the company’s vision. It is where workers communicate and make decisions about the company. Certain topics will always need addressing but making sure the right people are targeted and then ensuring the meeting will be relevant is a prime reason for following an agenda.

There should be a person responsible for the agenda. This meeting chairperson, or facilitator, will be key to keeping the meeting on topic. The facilitator must make sure the agenda presents meaningful as well as relevant information. There is nothing worse than attending a meeting for several hours and having accomplished nothing. The main purpose of the meeting should be to formulate creative strategies to implement in the workplace. So making effective use of time is very important.

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Miami – North America’s Business Gateway to Latin America

DMR_week43_1Miami, Florida is considered one of the most influential cities in North America. Located at the most southern tip of the United States, Miami is a financial and cultural gateway to Latin America. Its proximity to the South and Central America and the Caribbean makes it a popular business and tourist destination to those regions.

Much like the Caribbean, Miami is a tropical city surrounded by lush coconut trees and many of the other fruits indigenous to their locales. Every year millions of people visit Miami to enjoy its year round temperate climate and numerous events. Some visitors even decide to put down permanent roots. Besides those who arrive from across the U.S. to Miami, many of them emigrate from the nearby ports as well as from countries further away.

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Dallas Meeting Rooms Have Top Business Climates

DMR_week42_3Texas has always had its own way of doing things – as many people have found out over the years. A friend who works at a law firm said that the lawyers in L.A. would fall into a panic whenever they had a case there, since the judges and court system were less than cordial to outsiders. That always surprised me, since Dallas has always been a top city when it comes to having some of the better business environments, according to consistent surveys of executives in the U.S.

In fact, the whole state of Texas was the favorite among many survey respondents, almost 50 percent saying it generally has one of the more favorable business climates in the nation. Next to the good ‘ole boys of Texas was North Carolina with South Carolina not lagging far behind. Nothing like that down home southern charm!

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Have Meeting, Get a Job

DMR_week42_2Job seekers ought to treat interviews like a professional business meeting they would conduct or attend on their regular jobs. When you meet a prospective employer know they are seeking information that will benefit their company. They want to know if you will be suitable for their company. Therefore, you must package yourself in a favorable light.
You don’ know what he will ask specifically, but you do have a general idea what employers will want to know about your background. This information includes:
• How you contributed to the success of your last employer
• How you plan to use your experience to benefit their company
• What you hope to gain
• Where you see yourself in five years down the road

Practicing your responses will make your presentation perfect. Outline an agenda with bullet points and commit it to memory. If you’re a marketing professional this task should be right up to your level of expertise.

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Denver Meeting Rooms Help Businesses Grow

DMR_week42_1The city of Denver is an alluring location – with its mountainous beauty and several hundred days of sunshine each year. Business people often marvel at the equally progressive thinking in the town which makes it particularly attractive for new business. But like the rest of the country, Metro Denver can be really expensive, especially real estate. As a result, commercial rents make it almost impossible for start-ups to get their footing.

One of the best ways that small businesses can expand is in other towns – but it can be challenging to do this. Making appointments at prospect’s businesses can work, but I’ve found that they really take you more seriously, especially when you’re a start-up – if you have some sort of presence in town.

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Viva Las Vegas Meeting Rooms for Business

DMR_week41_3Contrary to what many people may believe, it ain’t all fun and games in Vegas. In fact, in recent years, it has become just the opposite. Every business from technology to entertainment firms has been welcomed in Las Vegas, which is why business leaders from all around the world gather and exchange cutting edge ideas there on a regular basis. From large conferences to smaller ones, every industry I can think of has been there at one time or another.

That is, other than businesses rooted in religion. It is an understatement that Vegas, after all, is not known for its piety. In fact, we all know it is just the opposite. They don’t call it Sin City for nothing. Looking over my business associates, I really don’t know of anyone who hasn’t been to Vegas for some kind of conference.

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Meetings: Everything You Say Can and Will Be Held Against You

DMR_week41_2Few people realize though we live in a so called free country, much of the time, everything someone says can and will be held against them in some capacity. Of course, the people most affected by this are those in the public eye, such as entertainers and politicians. The scary thing is that it doesn’t take much for this to occur.

In business – it really isn’t much different. In reality, every piece of communication a staff member or executive puts out – whether it is verbally or in writing – can easily come back to bite them, if they are not careful.

I try to think before I speak, but truth be told – it is hard at times. On the one hand, businesses want us to be creative geniuses, but they still expect a certain amount of decorum.

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Meeting Rooms Let Businesses Get More in the City of Love

DMR_week41_1Philly has a lot of advantages for its residents – but for businesses, costs can really be a bit of a nightmare, relatively speaking. Sure, other cities have their issues – but most of them are positioned better than Philadelphia – such as New York, Chicago, and L.A. That’s why they can absorb some of the less than favorable stuff without deterring too much from business.

An acquaintance of mine owns a printing company and is in the process of expanding. He wants to open shop in Philly – but when he found out there is a special tax on business profits – he decided it wasn’t all that special after all. I can’t say that I blame him. It’s hard enough for businesses to keep up with the gross receipts tax, let alone another one on top of that.

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Taming the Meeting Beast

DMR_week40_3I’ve found counting the number of times I’ve been in meetings that I thought were unproductive, frustrating, and yes, boring and stupid is more than I would ever have imagined.

Let’s face it, technology has made it easy to blow off meetings. But there are times when having meetings is necessary. Like when you have new or even existing clients coming in. Presentations really pop in person – especially in a tricked out conference room. We like to get an outside room to stretch out with all the fancy technology we need.

But still, there are some really long winded people at meetings I go to. It’s nice they have the time, but I have too much work to do as it is. I had to think of some ways to tame that meeting beast.

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Meetings: What Your Mother Never Told You

DMR_week40_2Your mother probably never told you that meetings are a necessary part of the working environment. Companies need to meet regularly to strategize how they will stay competitive in the marketplace. Businesses exist to make money and the bottom line is always important.

Meetings can sometimes be productive and at other times they can be a chore to attend. Some people feel they would rather spend the time working on their deadline driven projects rather than attending another meeting about how to get the project done in a timely manner. There may be objections to attending another meeting, but your mother may not have told you that it is important to arrive at the meeting on time.

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