Minneapolis – Offering More Than Sophisticated Farming

DMR_week31_1Minnesota’s largest city, Minneapolis is a lovely town. Originally a farming region, the city has reached a level of sophistication that is still surprising to quite a few of its long-time residents. The high quality of life there attracts many people for both business and personal opportunities.

Minneapolis is also a great place for business start-ups. It is far less costly to do business there than other major cities like Los Angeles and New York. Plus, its proximity to Chicago makes it really great for networking and doing business there.

In Minneapolis, there are many organizations that offer all kinds of cool programs for entrepreneurs. For instance, groups like the Chamber of Commerce and the University’s Small Business Development Center assist with creating resources of all kinds, from leasing space to organizing and developing the workforce.

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Top Free Online Meeting Tools

DMR_week31_2Meeting and collaborating has gotten easier than ever, thanks to so many of the techno applications available. Instead of circulating memos, our groups meet with our laptops to share documents, images, and links. We can flash them up on a lit screen if we need to – since the meeting rooms we use come with them. Below are some of our favorite collaboration-centric apps.

1. DimDim’s white board feature is handy because we can do screen shots to share with everyone at the meeting. Even those who can’t make it in for some reason can join in the fun. The annotation tools are really cool so I don’t have to get writer’s cramp taking notes – plus, all the info I need is included when I don’t have to rely upon my sketchy memory.

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Best Online Conference Applications

DMR_week30_2Anyone who has had to organize an event of any type knows how challenging it can be. And that’s putting it mildly. Even a routine meeting can become a nightmare as you try to juggle schedules and find a time everyone can agree with. I usually wind up with a mile long to-do list that gives me shivers just thinking about it. Below are just a few ingredients of my secret sauce for organizing conferences.

Preliminary Organizing

I like to write out goals for the conference with an active agenda. Event Apps help me design objectives and makes it easier for quasi-professionals like myself. I can use it to increase engaging attendees, build our brand, and other cool stuff. MobileEvent is great for those tasks and I can also continue to dialogue after the conference.


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Phoenix – Competitive Marketplace for Los Angeles

DMR_week30_1Snowbirds love the subtropical desert climate of Phoenix. There is plenty to do and it can be as relaxing or exciting as you desire. People often choose to live in Phoenix over Los Angeles since it is less costly and generally a little more family friendly.

Businesses, too, often prefer Phoenix over more costly cities. As the capital of Arizona, it welcomes new companies and entrepreneurs by providing a favorable business climate to promote success. Surprisingly, it is larger than Los Angeles. But its close proximity makes it easy to travel to and from when necessary.

Even with its new business perks, Phoenix commercial property and leasing can be costly – just like in any other major city. This can make it difficult for new companies to set up shop, which is why so many start-ups begin in people’s homes. That’s nothing to be ashamed of, until it is time for a meeting.

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