Colorado Springs – a Little Something for Every Business

DMR_week34_3Colorado Springs’ main industries are defense, aerospace, tourism, and technology – but not necessarily in that order. Visitors like it because of the friendly vibe and the low costs for entertainment, casual and fine dining, events, and accommodations. And the extraordinary picturesque mountain views such as at Pike’s Peak are simply a wonder of the world to behold. There’s plenty to do for families and also a vibrant night life.

Considered one of safest cities in the U.S., Colorado Springs attracts many newcomers annually – including businesses. What existing companies tend to like about the area is that operating costs are much lower than other regions. The tax rates correspond with the less expensive operating costs so businesses have incentives to start, grow and expand there.

Residents also enjoy a cost of living that is typically 0.4 below the national average. This attracts people to consider living and working in the region.

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The Power of Social Interaction

DMR_week34_2There is no doubt that there is power in numbers. That’s why social media has taken off like a bat out of hell. At least, that’s how it seems sometimes. Just look at what happens with each scandal du jour. Before you know it, everyone is talking about it – whether they really want to or not!

Social interaction at work has its good days and bad days, just like everything else. But I notice that when I’m really taking the time to really be there and present, the day just goes better. No matter what I am doing, that’s the key to doing well that day or not. We have our hurdles and crosses to bear, but somehow when we can work with others, it makes it all much easier.

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Sacramento – California’s Business Melting Pot

DMR_week34_1Sacramento’s Mediterranean climate is a huge draw for people – particularly those who enjoy warmer weather with milder winters. Like many areas in California, the demographic is a melting pot of different cultures and types of single and family lifestyles.

As the capitol of the State of California, many companies support government, which dominates the business environment. However, those who desire to start-up a small business can do so fairly easily with the aid of the city’s Economic Development Department. The local Chamber of Commerce also offers many opportunities for assistance and networking in the community.

There are many advantages for businesses in Sacramento, from its geographical structure to its highly qualified workforce. The quality of life tends to be higher than in many other regions of California, due to its amenities, culture, and lower overall cost of living.

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Fair Business Weather Attracts Businesses to Tampa

DMR_week33_3Just like the rest of Florida, people flock to Tampa for the year round pleasant weather… among many other things. This makes it more of a tourist destination than many other cities, which can be annoying to the residents, but great for businesses. Especially those in the hospitality industry!

Several major developments like the Disney monorail, Trump Hotel and Golf Resort, and Rays Stadium are all part of a unique development for downtown Tampa. This is set to spawn many new opportunities for new business entrepreneurs of all types and from all sectors of business.

Even with all of the help for small business entrepreneurs in Tampa, there is no doubt the real estate bubble’s impact on new construction has affected the region’s overall economy – in fact, all over the world.

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Jazz and Creative Collaboration

DMR_week33_2Even music soloists know that great music is about collaboration – whether it is with a song, singer, or other accompaniment. One of the defining essentials of jazz music is improvisation. Musicians who compose on the fly have an instinctual ability their peers both idolize and envy.

For instance, a Miles Davis trumpet solo is a feat in and of itself – but also blends well into group settings. The only way to learn how to improvise is by doing it repeatedly. Playing intuitively takes practice.

As saxophonist Charlie Parker has said, “You’ve got to learn your instrument.” Listening is a huge part in jazz. Because improvisation depends upon others, musicians must pay very close attention to everyone else. In meetings, listening is underrated. Notice small things like body language and tone. That can give insight into what they are really saying. For example, if there is hesitation or discomfort – try to figure out ways to make people more comfortable. That will encourage people to contribute.

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Toronto – Canada’s Business Hub for More Than Just Hollywood North

DMR_week33_1Canada has become a hub for a lot of businesses from the U.S. because of its lower business operating costs. In the film business, Toronto is a favorite of directors because it is far more budget friendly on a lot of levels.

Many TV productions in particular choose to shoot in Toronto. In fact, filming there has become so common that the region is referred to as Hollywood North. It is a great substitute for more expensive cities like Chicago and New York City. The main difference is that Toronto’s streets are much cleaner and crime is almost non-existent, compared to many U.S. cities. There are also lots of people available for technical crews and extra work for all the productions.

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Washington D.C. – Office Rentals at the Hill

DMR_week32_3The Hill – as Washington D.C. is affectionately called – or not, depending upon who you are, seems like a sort of Hollywood. It’s amazing how much politicians resemble actors. In fact, when I used to work at a law firm, the lawyers would joke that they were all just frustrated actors. Given the high level of filibustering, that really makes sense. And imagine, they usually don’t even have a script! That’s really quite a talent, when you think about it.

It may sound as though I’m not fond of D.C. – but that’s not really true. In fact, I find the vibe to be exciting when I have the energy to deal with it. But I’d be lying if I said that it didn’t get tiresome. Especially traipsing around town from client to client.

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Hot Collaboration Tips

DMR_week32_2In this day and age, collaboration is imperative to have any kind of success. Whether it is a career or personal goal, no man is an island. In business, working well together is what will make the difference between actually reaching goals or not. Below are some tips to help understand how to develop collaboration skills.

1. Forget about grandstanding or being a part of a clique. That’s not collaboration. It’s not a popularity contest. Sure, you need to get along with people. But too much of that will create a bunch of people pleasers rather than teams. The first thing everyone needs to do is check the ego at the door and put all baggage aside. Then you can bring out your best self to focus on common goals.

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Dallas and its Billion Dollar Opportunities

DMR_week32_1Surprisingly, Dallas is considered as one of the top three popular destinations for business travelers. The reason I say surprisingly is that I would have put my money on a place like California. Why? Well, just because. But I would be wrong about that, apparently.

Perhaps Dallas comes in as a top dog locale because its Convention Center is one of the biggest and therefore, busiest venues in the country. That could be just one reason. Theoretically, more space equals more opportunity.

During the 1980s, Dallas was a hotbed of real estate activity. People were relocating there in droves, which created a demand for more housing and office space. So prices went sky high. And people paid them. But what goes up, must come down as the saying goes. As Blood Sweat and Tears sang, spinning wheel got to go round. And as the spinning wheel spun, it came back around.

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Vancouver Offers Cold Canadian Winters With Warm Business Climate

DMR_week31_3Many people think the entirety of Canada is just plain cold. But I found Vancouver to be the warmest of the Canadian cities. In fact, its climate is mild comparably speaking – and actually classified much like the Marine and Oceanic west coast! Just like Seattle, it does rain a lot. But you can get used to that easily, especially given all the area has to offer.

Vancouver’s gorgeous cityscape includes Edwardian buildings in the old downtown district. They were at one time the tallest in the British Empire. This has made the city a great double for filming stories that take place in urban areas like New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles.

As Canada’s most diversified and largest region, well over 130 different economies garner around $75 billion annually. These trades also help to fuel start-ups and small businesses, many of which depend heavily upon them.

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