Reasonable Office Space in NYC

DMR_week30_3Most everyone I know, including myself – loves to go to the Big Apple. It’s just such a fun place to visit. The energy of the city, from Broadway to Central Park, and the Empire State Building is just phenomenal. One of my personal favorites is the Metropolitan Museum of Art, because of its iconic and diverse collection. There’s just something for everyone in New York. And don’t get me started on all the great food!

Unfortunately, though New York City is one very expensive town. In this economy, it is no wonder that so many businesses have found it difficult to sustain themselves there. New start-ups find it even more difficult. Just trying to get their feet off the ground can seem very self-defeating, to say the least.

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Chicago – New York’s Rival in Pizza and Business

DMR_week29_3As the major hub of the Midwest, many people forget just how extensive the City of Chicago truly is. In fact, the city is every bit as vibrant as Los Angeles and New York — it is just much more manageable. Still, like any major city – it can be pricey for businesses.

The tax structure tends to be unfriendly to businesses in Illinois, which is why so many companies opt to find more inexpensive regions like Michigan or Wisconsin. Unfortunately, though, neither can beat Chicago for clients – unless they’re in the farming business.

Ironically, Chicago is a very friendly town for its size. I say this because some people are under the impression that high crime and notorious gangster history make more dangerous. But it’s really no more dangerous than many other areas of Los Angeles, like Watts – or New York’s Brooklyn. But, as any city dweller knows, you can be in the ritziest part of town and right down the street – it’s a ghetto.

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How Agendas Help Avoid Time Suck Meetings

DMR_week29_2It is very easy for meetings to get hijacked. All you need is for one person to go off on a tangent. Try as you might, many people don’t take well to hints. Also – what do you do when it’s the boss who is wasting valuable time? Usually, bosses have egos the size of New Jersey, so trying to get them back on course isn’t much of an option. But there is hope! It’s called an Agenda!

You may have heard of agendas — they are those marvelous little things that can do a lot to keep meetings on course. Below are some effective ways to use them.

1. Send the agenda out in plenty of time, preferably at least a week. Tell everyone what the meeting is about. This gives participants time enough to research and prepare.

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Find a Way to Escape Outrageous Office Rent in Houston

Back CameraLike former New York gubernatorial candidate Jimmy McMillan has said, the rent is too damn high! And not just in New York, but all over the nation. Houston is no different. In fact, despite its relatively lax zoning and low taxes, it costs a bundle to start a new business in Houston.

However, Houston has done surprisingly well during the recent economic downturn. While you wouldn’t know it by watching the news, they actually added 500,000 new jobs over the past five years.

One major downside to launching new businesses in Houston is Mother Nature. Hurricane Katrina took out a can of whoopass of around $81.2 billion damage there. Then Ike came along 3 years later and knocked down Galveston. So guess what that does to insurance rates? That is, if you can get someone to insure you.

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Welcome to Miami… And Bring Your Business, Too!

DMR_week28_3Located on the Atlantic coast in Florida, Miami’s tropical climate regularly attracts the rich, famous, and regular folk for both vacationing and living a quality lifestyle. The numerous rivers, marinas, bays and canals provide the opportunity for year-round outdoor activities like sailing, boating, and fishing – just to name a few. Of course, those of us who are not quite as active can enjoy just lounging on the beach, watching the eye candy stroll by.

Along with all the fun and games Miami is known for comes a major business center for finance, culture, commerce, entertainment, and media. The arts and international trades are also prevalent there. This makes for an interesting blend of opportunity for small businesses to latch onto.

Not surprisingly, Miami is considered the richest city in the country. It is also one of the best places to start and open a new business. In fact, the city is ripe with talented entrepreneurs from every sector.

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Selecting Online Meeting Services

DMR_week28_2Online meeting services and tools have been multiplying at a breakneck pace. Just like the rest of technology — these gadgets can make life easier. But there are some considerations to ponder in order to make the best decisions, as I’ve outlined below.

1. Understand your needs. Before I even begin to look at an online meeting tool – I think about how many people will be there, where they are located, and what the meeting is about. For example, if it’s just a casual office meeting, I don’t need to commit to using a service that needs to impress anyone. So I can do a trial run and use a free service. Free is always good in those cases!

2. Get some recommendations. Check with colleagues and clients for some good programs. Ask about free ones and those that accommodate large groups. Find out all the features and ask why they liked a service and what was lacking.

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San Diego – A Sunny Place for Business

DMR_week28_1Ah, Sunny San Diego. It’s not only a great place to visit, but living there is awesome, too. Who wouldn’t want to live in such a stunning place? This is where it all started for California, and things really took off with a vengeance. Of course, the comfortable year round climate is to die for – and all of those fantastic beaches!

Unfortunately, though – few people can really afford to live there anymore – unless they were grandfathered in, inherited a lot of money, or are incredibly successful. It’s ironic, but business startups are on the rise in the region – mostly relating to biotechnology and healthcare development. So how do all those new startups survive, let alone thrive?

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Atlanta – Vibrant Business Hub in the South

DMR_week27_3I must say, I love me some Atlanta. Back in the day, Georgia was known to be more pastoral and quaint. Today, because of Atlanta, it is every bit as vibrant as any major state – perhaps more. Because of its high elevation, it is more pleasant than many other eastern and southern cities.

Much of the city burned to the ground during the Civil War so there isn’t much historic architecture to be found. In its place are all kinds of modernist structures. The fresh, diverse and eclectic architecture lends itself to a more progressive attitude than many would think.

There is a very vibrant media industry in Atlanta as noted when Ted Turner established CNN there. You know, that 24 hour news giant that everyone laughed at? No one will want to see the news 24/7 the pundits said. And now look at the news… it’s on constantly. Just ask the news junkies. Like me.

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How to Choose Meeting Room Services

DMR_week27_2Meeting room services run the gamut – including costly hotel spaces and more affordable conference rooms. Below is some information on how to select the best meeting rooms for your purposes.

Location, Location, Location

In real estate, location is everything. It’s almost always better to buy the best you can afford in a better neighborhood than a bigger place in a crappy neighborhood. Unless you are certain that it is on the upswing. In life, where you are located – whether it is a movie, an art exhibit, or a book store – tells people something about you. It lets people know that for whatever reason, you decided to go there.

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Denver – Your Year Around Business Destination

DMR_week27_1My aunt Joyce in Minneapolis used to warn me about flying through Denver in the winter time. I never took her seriously until I got stuck there — for a few days. The weather was so bad that all flights were cancelled for at least a day. All the other flights were full and driving was out of the question, so I just had to stick it out for a few days ’till I could get back home. Now that I think about it, I don’t know if I’d checked for a train.

I was given a handy dandy motel voucher and meal ticket and I must say that I had a really good time. As much as you can in a snowstorm that is. The restaurant and bar near the Motel 6 (don’t laugh, it was nice back then!) was quite lively. There was a game on, darned if I can remember which one, but I was amazed at how many people showed up for that. Hearty people, those Coloradans!

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