Outsource your office space to improve productivity

thumbnailBusinesses today of all sizes are finding it necessary to find ways to turn their economic standings around. Unfortunately, one of the ways they are doing this is by downsizing. It’s always been a necessary evil for companies. Doing this creates chaos in the workplace. Not only are the staff who find themselves unemployed unhappy, but the existing staff who are expected to pick up the slack are miserable, too.

It’s easy for any firm to justify letting people go since it’s all about the bottom line. But when a friend of mine was let go from a law firm right after she saw that hundreds of lawyers went off to Las Vegas, it was hard to stomach. Kind of reminds me of AIG. So cash poor they need a government bailout – but wow – they still found money to send their execs on a Hawaiian vacation!

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Meeting Rooms That Are Like Field Trips for Adults

To many people, meetings can be kind of like going to the doctor. Okay, maybe they’re not that bad, but much of the time, people don’t look forward to them any more than going to the doctor. They’re usually disruptive – you wind up having to work longer to make up for the time away from work – only you never left work.

We all know that meetings can also be exceedingly boring. I don’t even have to go into why. But what if you could look forward to a meeting? In my wildest fantasies, meetings would be like fun little trips away from my desk. Don’t laugh. Tech firms like Google and Facebook got on that bandwagon a long time ago. In fact, a friend of mine made a visit out to Google’s Mountain View, CA headquarters and said he was having so much fun, he didn’t want to leave.3096

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The entrepreneur’s wardrobe: polo shirts and power suits

Do clothes make the man? It sure seems like it. In fact, life, for much of it, is about the visual. The first thing people use is their eyes when they meet you, unless they have a visual impairment.
There is only one chance to make a first impression. That’s why clothes are still so important. There was a book back in the day called Dress for Success. This was before high end people hired stylists – so the idea that so much minute attention was paid to clothing just seemed strange.

I’d always thought that wearing anything that resembled a nice outfit would suffice and it often did. But today, people don’t all work in the same corporate environments anymore. While a great suit is still a key component for any business person’s wardrobe, great business casual attire is also very important. Maybe even more so, given the way that the business climate has shifted so much toward entrepreneurship.

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Spice Up Meetings with Sizzling New Rooms

No one really likes to go to meetings, unless there is something to look forward to that is. A great way to motivate attendance and participation, is to change it up a bit. New spaces can really go a long way toward making meetings more stimulating as well as more productive.3711

When you think about it, the reason you have meetings in the first place is mainly to provide information. We all know how communication is so key in every aspect of business. This is why meetings can be so important. It is often the only face time you’ll have with coworkers other than running into them in the hallway or bathroom.

Teams who meet regularly understand how the work space affects creativity. Tech firms go out of their way to make their meetings snazzy by piping in other people from outside offices and talking about and demonstrating new ways to use cool new devices.

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Your financial services busines

A number of factors have changed the way companies from virtually every industry conduct business. From the changing economic global climate to technology trends, probably no other business has been affected quite like or more than financial services. Finance is what fuels the economy, but it is dependent upon manufacturing and many other service industries.
Another change for every industry is the types of environments from which they operate. With the real estate debacle and economic declines of the last few years, even some of the world’s largest banks have had to close their doors. However, as the cliché goes, one door closes and another opens.

When it comes to finance – the new doors that have opened include a variety of new capitalist ventures. Because finance has a tendency to be so volatile, the financial planner and variants have found more clients than ever. I used to kind of chuckle at them before, but I’ve actually taken the advice of gurus who tell people to give up those afternoon lattes.

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Bring Some Excitement to the Office with Alternative Meeting Spaces

In the past – and unfortunately, sometimes in the present – anything that could be a distraction is considered bad. I still chuckle when I think of how an old manager at a different company chastised me for what he thought was a personal call. My crime? Having a laugh on the phone with a client. It was automatically assumed I was goofing off.

I didn’t realize it at the time, but I should have been thanked for going above and beyond. I had taken my lunch hour to investigate a problem and the client had a sense of humor about it. So I reacted in kind. Of course, I was working in a stuffy executive banking office at the time. Not exactly the bastion of creativity — but still.

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