Four Reasons to Cancel Your Office Lease

There are many reasons to cancel your commercial lease and with so many options available for offices more business owners are doing so. Depending on the type of business you have, you may not need a permanent office situation. You could be a freelance writer or salesman, and have determined that your presence is not needed on a regular basis at an office as much as some of your other professional colleagues. Because you are mostly mobile you can do your work from anywhere and have decided that the commitment to a permanent leasing agreement doesn’t cut it for you.

You may need to cancel your lease because of a down economy. Many professionals are moving into alternative office spaces as a result of inflated rents and less clients coming into their business. Many professionals are leaving the traditional office setting and opting to move into shared offices. Offices that don’t require long term leases and which allow you to share many of the amenities is becoming the norm. You get an office set up and have an opportunity to share the boardroom, office equipment and support staff.

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Communication Made Easy with New and Improved Conference Rooms

Conference rooms can be used for innumerable purposes. The common denominator for most any conference room is to facilitate communication. Whether it is a board meeting or informal staff meeting, the group is gathered there for a reason – and that is to communicate.

Conference rooms should never feel cramped because that is a sure fire way to lose the audience. When people feel closed in, their first inclination is to leave as soon as possible – and that’s not how you want people to feel at your meeting.

Newer meeting rooms integrate technology well. I always make sure we have enough outlets, putting a routing center in so that people can conveniently plug in their devices. Some rooms also have outlets on the floor under the table.

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Don’t Stress About a Last Minute Meeting

How many times have you been counting down the minutes to quitting time when management called an unscheduled meeting? It can be really stressful because you already have plans set in place and here they come telling you, you may be stuck. They did not really tell you that, but you know from past experience that is how the scenario goes.

It can feel pretty awkward for you because you are torn between wanting to be the interested, loyal employee and not the one who disagrees with management. You want to be a team player but duty also calls at home.

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How to impress your clients

It’s been heard time and time again. But it really is true – there is only one opportunity to make a good first impression. Maybe looks shouldn’t matter as much as they do – but they do, nonetheless. Whether you’re showing up for a meeting, a court date, or a social occasion – the first thing that people respond to is how something looks, which affects how they feel and respond.

I know that I can wear the best suit ever – but if I’m in a shabby environment – that is what the client will remember. It’s kind of like wearing a designer outfit to a barbecue. Well, I guess in L.A. they do that. But for everyone else, the clothes need to suit the environment.

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Fresh Meeting Rooms Can Make Your Business Shine

I’ve found that anytime I want to shine a positive light on my business – the best way to do that is by playing dress up. While this sounds like child’s play – it’s actually a very well-used tactic. That’s why image consultants and professional stylists have been so successful at creating their own cottage industries.

Every company today faces competitive challenges like never before. The global marketplace continues to expand – and we need to grow along with it or be left behind. You can have the best widgets and services in the world – but you have to attract people to them. But it doesn’t stop there. Just like in dating – it may be the looks that got you noticed, but now you have to do the real work.

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Five ways to improve your bottom line

Like most people, I’m always looking for ways to cut back in order to improve the bottom line. What some companies don’t realize is that there are many more ways to increase profits that don’t even involve the tradition, as outlined below.

  1. Go green. There are numerous ways for companies to save by going green. For example, using less electricity instantly cuts the bill. Get some surge protectors on all devices; flip those switches off when you’re away and set timers so that machines go off automatically after a few minutes.
  2. Use less office space. Any firm that has more space than they need should find a way to repurpose it. One way is by having a subtenant. Instead of expanding space, book meeting rooms when necessary. It’ll cost a lot less than maintaining more space.

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Lively Meeting Rooms Encourage Proactive Working Habits

Corporate – or any business meeting for that matter, can be a real drag. For the most part, if you ask any business person about meetings, they will most likely have nothing nice to say. In fact, my colleague the other day just rolled his eyes. That’s really a shame, because meetings should be an opportunity to collaborate, energize and get creative. Truth is, they could be, if managers took the time to plan them to be that way.

For example, I usually send out an email soliciting topics. People tend to show up and participate more when they are actually included. I plan a loose agenda around the feedback and distribute it beforehand. That can really get the creative thought process going. The last thing I always do is ensure that there are beverages, lunches, or at least snacks!

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Better Meeting Rooms to Create Innovativeness in the Workplace

The work environment can either stifle or foster employee innovation. Many of today’s workplaces are not exactly shining examples of artful design. I’ve found that most offices tend to focus upon the most cost effective solution rather than anything that could even remotely be considered aesthetically pleasing.

Oddly, management continues to preach about inspiration, motivation and creativity. Yet, they do little to nothing to make it possible. How innovative is someone going to be when they’re breathing stale air in an outdated, sterile environment? Not even the most imaginative person on the planet could battle that every day.

Some progressive companies have finally gotten the idea that in addition to ergonomics, opening up or changing the space does wonders to motivate employees. Technology giants have become known for creating business worlds that most could only imagine.

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Going Global With Business In 2013

Expanding a business as far as it can be logically expanded is the goal of any wise entrepreneur. Maximizing profits through the use of globalization is key to building a lasting business empire. While all those things sound exciting and profitable, an entrepreneur may be left wondering how exactly that kind of globalization takes place. Even though the buzz words surrounding taking a business to a global scale sound intimidating, it can actually be a very simple and straightforward process. What it does require is employees who are dedicated, interested and full of innovative ideas about how to market products on a global scale.

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Meeting Rooms to Encourage Employee Creativity

Sometimes a change of scenery is all that you need to turn around a spell of writer’s block. Prior to now that report was going so well. All of the research had been wrapped up and you were on an upward swing with consolidating your thoughts into written form. A moment of distraction and it all went by the wayside.

Your boss is understanding and tells you to take a break and afterward to proceed to the meeting room, especially developed to put workers into a creative mindset. This is not just any ordinary meeting room. It is equipped with soft music, televisions, teleconferencing devices, all for the workers’ support.

If they hit a lag, these entertainment pieces are there to help them unwind. While that is partly true, they are mostly accessible to make contacts if the workers have additional questions with someone who can give them a better insight to their subject matter. Music with headphones helps to drown out noisy distractions of other creative forces that are creating from their own frames of reference.

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