Four reasons why prospective investors want to meet you

Many business people and entrepreneurs don’t take as many meetings with investors as they should. Anytime is a great time to take meetings with investors. Especially when it is their idea. It’s like that great sale that will be over until the next one. Only there may not be a next one. Basically, there are four reasons why prospective investors want to meet you.

1. Management Team.
The people running the show are critical when it comes to funding. No investor wants to hand over money to anyone they do not trust, and this is best gained through in-person meetings. I have found that all the technology in the world cannot take the place of in-person meetings. Some new businesses try to avoid these meetings for a variety of reasons. Perhaps they don’t have office space yet or what they do have just doesn’t cut it. Savvy business people rent temporary meeting space to take these critical meetings. They are often more convenient and less distracting.

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Modern Meeting Spaces Amplify Worker Productivity

Businesses of all sizes have come to realize that physical work spaces have a great influence on employee productivity and behavior. Companies have been redesigning buildings and many aspects of the workplace environment in response to this. What I’ve found is that there are basically three factors that come into play: how much space an employee is allotted, how it is arranged, and how much privacy is available.

People who work in collaborative environments and have no space to spare often find that they are besieged with constant noise. For me, there is no way to concentrate in that type of situation. One of the things that has saved me from becoming very irritable is having conference and meeting rooms available.

Extra work space that is set apart from the main office is usually a luxury. However, there are firms that offer space rentals at very affordable rates. Davinci has a number of opportunities to use well-designed, efficient and nicely organized homes away from home for office workers.

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Maximum productivity: a room of one’s own

Answering emails and creating spreadsheets can seem less like work if these tasks are done from just about anywhere other than the office. While it is appealing to work from home, I have found that there are still many distractions associated with trying to be productive in such a familiar environment.

Offices, too, can have their own drawbacks when it comes to interfering with concentration. For example, my coworkers seem to sense when I am the busiest. Much like toddlers, they can be amazingly good at interrupting work flow. Thankfully, there are many ways to personalize my work space to make it more comfortable and productive.


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