Why Nobody Likes Hotel Meeting Rooms

Just when everyone thought the afternoon would go along without a bust, the boss calls a meeting and you are to be the key presenter. Before you sweat bullets don’t forget that you have been following the events from the beginning and that no one is better than you at presenting. However, it is doubtful that anyone will pay attention since you will be meeting at a hotel room that no one likes.

Nobody likes hotel rooms anymore for meetings because they seem stodgy and stuck in a time warp. The lighting is not as bright and the rooms aren’t equipped with the latest technology, causing workers to lose their focus. These hotel rooms do have access to Wi-Fi and their computers aren’t too bad. Luckily, since you didn’t bring your laptop. But being the smart worker that you are, your notes are saved into a cloud storage system.

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Different Meeting Spaces Offer Different Business Perspectives

Just as an office environment usually reflects the business philosophy, a meeting space has its own vibe. A board meeting needs a more serious tone than a potluck. What both have in common is they include business employees – just for different purposes.

Ever since I can remember, there has never been enough space at any company I’ve ever worked for. In fact, at one law firm – it was a constant problem. I wish I had been able to book meeting rooms back then. Not only could I have had a lot less stress, but that screaming match between two partners could have been avoided. Ah, fond memories.

Entrepreneurs find themselves in a different quandary when it comes to space. Many of them work out of their homes or very small offices. That means there is no really good place to hold a meeting – whether for staff or clients.

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Business Development: Your Meeting Room Venue

Bigger is not always better. Take for instance, office space. Given the cost, for most businesses, large, oversized office spaces are a thing of the past. That being the case, most every business – no matter the size, still needs adequate space for meetings of all kinds – especially for business development.

In today’s business climate, business development has become more important than ever. Customers and clients have numerous options when it comes to choosing who they will do business with. Often, it is how the business appears that will be the deciding factor.

As companies continue to pay close attention to costs, many find that having sub-tenants can help to defray expenses. The unique thing about sub-tenants is that often there are not enough meeting rooms, if any, to spare. This creates an awkward situation, particularly in terms of business development. Without any room at the inn for meetings, how is a small business to grow?

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No More Negative Energy at Work – Stick With Ambient Meeting Rooms

How many people enjoy meeting in a dull, drab space with no windows and generic artwork on the walls? I know I don’t. When I’m sitting at those corporate meetings as the boss man drones on and on about profits and figures, I could almost fall asleep. The stale air, beige wallpaper and half dead potted plants in the corner aren’t exactly inspiring and reviving. If you want to inspire your employees and get them thinking and working, think outside the boring box that is that archaic, dull meeting room. Want to make your board bored? Keep them in that cube for hours on end, wondering when they’ll get to escape.

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Three Reasons Your Clients Don’t Accept Skype Requests

VoIP services have taken the Internet and businesses by storm. But all of these services are not alike. For example, many businesses totally ignore calls made from Skype. Below are just a few of the many reasons why.

1. Security. Despite Skype’s impressive network, there are still many security issues to consider when using Skype. When Microsoft acquired it, automatic updates for Skype were installed, but the problems have only seemed to increase. For example, Skype has denied that it is easy for police to listen in on calls. What I’m concerned with is – if police can listen in, so can other people. I am not about to compromise my business in that way – and neither are most other businesses.

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Meeting Comfortably

We do not learn well when we are uncomfortable. Have you ever found yourself sitting in an uncomfortable chair in an uncomfortable room listening to someone prattle on and thinking about how engaging they are and how much you are taking away from the exchange? Of course you haven’t. No one has, because that simply does not happen. In order for a meeting to be an effective exchange of ideas that is conducive to learning, teamwork and inspiring employees, it needs to take place in a comfortable setting that will allow employees to get inspired and think big instead of being stuck in the same old box they see day after day.

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Rules of Engagement: Make Your Clients Come to You

The latest buzz and trend on business acquisition today is what is known as inbound marketing. The theories are simple – develop and extend your brand so that people want to seek you out. It’s a kind of reverse marketing technique that really works well when it is done right.

However, inbound marketing does require using marketing strategies that mirror public relations efforts. One of the best ways that I have found to use inbound marketing is by offering something of value to the client. Rather than just offer to provide a service – I offer information. Most everyone finds some form of information useful, and therefore, valuable. The trick is to find the stuff that your clients want to know about. Then present it to them in exchange for something as simple as an email address.

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New Meeting Rooms Offer A Healthy Change of Pace

I don’t know about most people – but I find it really easy to get in a funk when I have to spend too many hours at the office. One way I get around this is by taking refuge in a different space. While I also relish working at home, that isn’t always the best idea, given the distractions. That’s why I like meeting rooms. They give me all the options of a business home away from home.

Work environments really affect how staff works. For example, when the space is open, free and yet includes everything they need, they can focus on being attentive and creative. If it is stuffy, cold and too small – this does not make it exactly conducive for opening up your mind.

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Seven Ways to Make More Money in 2013

There is a lot of fruit out there that is ripe for the pickin’. In today’s challenging business climate, here are seven ways to make more money in 2013.

1. Love the one you’re with. You never want to get out of the honeymoon stage with your clients. Make sure you check in with them from time to time – like once a week. They’ll tell others about you like Herbal Essence Shampoo and so on and so on and so on.

2. Mind your manners. That’s right – just like grandma used to say. Whenever someone calls, always treat them with respect. This should go without saying, but I cannot tell you the number of times I’ve gotten horrid, or no customer service at all. I remember each of those times and then avoid them like the plague. Everyone you encounter could either become or refer a client to you.

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What your meeting room says about you

Once you have decided to rent a meeting room it can be set up to become an extension of you. Just like your regular office digs, most people will probably have a grasp of your personality once they enter it. Just be careful and abide by the guidelines that are imposed by the meeting room company you choose. Although the meeting room will likely be very liberal in what you may take into the space, some items may not be allowed in the meeting room.

Housekeeping should be a priority in any work environment. You never know who will step into your meeting room unexpectedly. You only want to give good first impressions and keeping it clean and clutter free is a requirement. Cleanliness and neatness demonstrate you have clear thoughts about your work and it makes you appealing to work with.

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