How to Do Your Job Without Your Boss Hovering Around

A lot of people don’t like their jobs because of their bosses and if they could do their job without ever seeing him, there would be no love lost. Most workers spend a lot of time preparing for their careers by attending school, getting internships and finally graduating to the big leagues and getting their experience on the job. They want to be comfortable on the job for which they have prepared so hard.

There is a simple formula for doing your job without seeing your boss. Do your work to the best of your ability and your boss will have little reason to hover over your workstation. I know a savvy lady who learned early on that her job as a substitute teacher was constantly being scrutinized.

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The New Way to Network

These days, everything about life seems to be about re-invention, from personal to business branding. We regularly develop new ways to drum up new business. In order to hold on to the clients we have, we need to establish loyalty. Now more than ever, business is conducted in ways that were never before imagined, let alone possible.

When it comes to networking, there seem to be two ways that people feel about it: they either love it or hate it. However, there are many new and improved ways to network, thanks to new attitudes and technology. Gone are the days when the only forms of business networking included either suit-clad folks roaming aimlessly around huge business venues or hanging out in bars.

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How to Impress Clients Without Paying a Fortune

Everyone is competing for business these days and those who are victorious in winning contracts are the businesses that show their clients they are special. Showing favor sometimes comes with an expensive price tag. You don’t have to lavish clients in pricey gifts to keep their business but you can impress them without paying a fortune.

Include your clients in your marketing plans. For example, offer discount incentives to keep their business. Develop an irresistible package that is over and above anything they feel they could afford and offer it to them at a significant price reduction because they are valued customers. Then, deliver the finished product on time or better yet, ahead of schedule.

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Missing the Watercooler

With advances in technology permeating the business world to the point where many of us are able to work at home or do freelancing, it’s easy to get caught up in the idea that working outside of a traditional office is nothing but footloose and fancy free enjoyment. When we’re kicking up our feet in our fluffiest slippers and sipping a glass of wine while we’re being Skyped into a board meeting, sometimes we are plagued with a vague sense of ennui. Could it be that we might actually miss the act of getting up, putting on grown up clothes and taking the train into the office? J’accuse!

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Putting The Free Into Freelancing

Working as a freelancer can be an amazing opportunity to enjoy both your job and your free time. Working at the hours which suit you and being able to plan your work around your life instead of vice versa is a luxury that many people cannot even imagine. However, working in freelancing is not all fun and games. When you are working from your home, it can be hard to stay on task and motivated and easy to lay on the couch eating cheese cubes and watching Sex and the City reruns. Once a freelancer gets a great rhythm for their work going, however, the possibilities for uses of free time are endless.

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The New Entrepreneur: Independence Without Isolation

Entrepreneurs make things happen. When making the stuff of mind reality, the entrepreneur embraces leverage: she leverages time, money, and resources. She’s always covering a lot of ground, visiting current and future clients, investors, and colleagues. She’s fearlessly on the move.

Key audiences may not work together in a single place. Multidimensional entrepreneurs aren’t Taylorists; the ability to simultaneously imagine and create new products, services and solutions isn’t an average skill set. They’re often privileged to work when and where it best suits them.

Entrepreneurs And The Value of Essential Others
Entrepreneurs don’t work in a vacuum. Understanding that opportunity to make personal contact enhances and enriches lives, the entrepreneur seeks to make the connection. According to authors Pride, Hughes and Kapoor of “Foundations of Business,” (2012) entrepreneurs know that time spent building alliances, preferably in person, pays off.

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What if Everyone Around You Loved His Job? Part 2

When people love the work they do and the place where they do it, their sense of camaraderie and desire to produce optimum results improves. They want to please their boss and seek advancement in the company they are working for, because they begin to see their work as more than a job. Their enjoyment of their work makes them think about it in the long term and consider the idea of remaining a career employee. When employees feel strongly positive about the idea of having a career in their company, they will do everything they can to advance the productive workforce of that company to improve things for themselves and their peers.

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What If Everyone Around You Loved Their Job?

Day after day, we follow the same mundane routine. The alarm clock goes off, we hit the snooze button, roll over. What seems like thirty seconds later, the alarm clock is going off yet again. We opt for one more snooze before the blaring noise of morning talk radio reminds us that we have to get up right now, no, really, right now, or we’re going to be late for work.

We get to work and we drone through ten or fifteen emails. The boss needs laminated charts delivered for a meeting. That cute guy in marketing finally has a press release to be looked over. We sip our scalding hot coffee, swear about it, forget ninety seconds later, and do it again. Even if we started out loving our jobs, even if we still sort of like them, many of us are just plain bored in the workplace… and looking around at the sullen faces of our coworkers assures us that we aren’t the only ones.

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Taking Your Office on the Road

The newest trend is to take your office on the road. Workers are so busy nowadays making transactions on the go that they must be suitably equipped to work outside the office. Sometimes they need to work in the cab on the way to the airport, to finish a document that must be delivered before boarding a flight.

Then during the flight there might still be some loose ends to tidy up and while the phone or computer is in flight mode, they are busily preparing for the moment they are able to transmit their data. Many airlines are equipped with phone service so that making an expensive call to your office is not uncommon.

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Can You Afford to Host a Business Conference?

I have been following a blogger for some time and I always find it astonishing how she puts together so many neat tools for women entrepreneurs throughout the season. Last year she hosted her very first business conference. Not only was it well advertised but it was also well-attended. I imagined myself in the same boat and thought for a moment that I would not be able to pull it off. But, alas, as she is well into advertising her event for next year, I am taking notes from her actions on how to do it myself.

After reading her blog and viewing her advertising I realized that anyone can put together a business conference. You have to plan, of course. You also have to determine what you hope to gain and hope your attendees will gain from the experience.

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