Is Working from Home Getting Lonely?

The easiest way for me to combat the loneliness of working from home is to pick up the phone and call someone else or to go out of the house for a while and socialize with friends. This is usually enough to combat boredom and isolation. I just need to be careful not to make it a habit that actually eats into my productive time. Like eating, everything, including setting aside free time, should be enjoyed in moderation.

Although they love working from home, some people cannot stand the isolation of working at home alone. Productivity decreases because they are constantly looking for distractions to ease the loneliness. Here are a few solutions to ease that lonely feeling. I personally have always loved to have the television or music playing in the background. The less interested I am in the program, the more my productivity increases. I will turn to a golf tournament, race car driving or any other show I deem mundane. I simply want the “company” of human voices in the house.

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I Just Can’t Work Here Anymore

For many entrepreneurs working from home has provided the ideal set-up. They don’t have to worry about long commutes, rigid schedules and following the boss’s objectives. What they do often face is boredom, distractions and a desire to be among other workers. Saying you will ditch your job because you don’t like your working environment might be a plausible idea. For this reason a lot of home-based professionals are leaving their home office digs for the sanctity of working from spaces outside their homes.

Renting office space in major cities can be an expensive venture, as well as just as isolating. The realization that overhead costs will eat into profits is also not too flattering for most professionals.

Coworking provides a simple solution. Workers, like freelance writers or others working web-based, who don’t require a lot of work files, office equipment and clientele to follow them to their new digs may find the idea of desk sharing to be the perfect arrangement for their needs. Contact for locations nearest you.

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