Six Ways To Reduce Business Travel Costs

Six Ways To Reduce Business Travel Costs |Davinci VirtualTraveling to make sales presentations doesn’t have to be a time and money suck—or a pain in the neck. Planning and using technology-fueled resources can help you save money, cover every last detail, and make the best presentations possible to as many people as possible.

Here are a few tips to efficient (and cost-saving) business travel:

1. Use Social Media And Mobile Devices

Mobile devices and social media place time and cost-saving resources at your fingertips. Take TripIt—a popular trip organizer that lets you keep colleagues, coworkers and contacts informed of upcoming travel plans in Salesforce Chatter (an enterprise social network). With this tool, colleagues can easily coordinate transportation, client meetings and activities with each other.

Travel apps can help you find cheap flights, check in early, get flight and gate updates, and book meeting rooms on the go. With their iPhone and Android apps, lets you browse and reserve conference rooms, day offices and a variety of tailored business services in real-time, receive instant confirmations and manage reservation details.

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Presenting On The Road: Three Tips To Present Like Steve Jobs

A man writing several colorful things on a white board in conference room rental.Delivering killer presentations to prospective clients is important to expanding your business, but they can be tricky—especially if you’re presenting in a different state or country. When you’re on the road, it’s crucial to understand regional cultural differences, be familiar with the technology you’ll be using and work around jet lag so you appear fresh. Here are three key elements that will help make your presentation great.

Planning And Prepping

Apple co-founder Steve Jobs possessed a legendary ability to capture an audience’s attention. It wasn’t by chance that his presentations were so successful—it was the hours and hours of work he put into making them perfect. Brainstorming, white boarding, sketching, honing his script and practicing over and over again were all part of his prep work. When he finally took the stage and uttered his first carefully chosen word, he was confident he’d kill it—and he did. This attention to detail can pay off for you, too. While planning your presentation, remember another tool that Jobs used effectively: the “ten minute” rule. Make sure you do or say something especially captivating every ten minutes to keep your audience engaged. Even the best presenters must work to hold their audience’s focus.

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Expand Your Business On Demand With These 3 Flexibility Tips

A pole with several signs pointing in different directions, each with a word that describes ways to expand a small business.According to the Huffington Post, the recession killed 170,000 small businesses between 2008 and 2010. But just three years later, the picture was quite different. A Constant Contact, Inc. survey reports that small businesses had a fiscally strong 2013, with almost 40 percent saying their revenues increased 10 percent or more over 2012.

With such fluctuations, and without a crystal ball, it’s hard to predict what small business owners will report six years from now, but it’s clear that cultivating flexibility is a smart business practice. That way you’re ready to expand your business during economic upturns and retract during the downturns.

Here are a few ways companies are upping their flexibility game.

Changing The Business Model

When your industry faces increased competition, new technologies or a fluctuating economy, you may need to change your business plan. That can be a scary thing, especially if your business is well established. But when the economy twists and turns, making big moves become necessary to stay competitive.

Sun, Snorkeling, and Strategy in Sydney

sydney-webYou and your business partner have vowed to visit all 40 of Sydney’s beaches, including the famous ones like Bondi, Manly, Coogee and Dee Why, as well as the smaller, secret beaches. Currently, you’re on number 27 and feeling great. Unfortunately, you can’t totally relax and enjoy the sun, because you have yourself a serious business dilemma. You’ve been planning to bring some of your most important clients here to beautiful Sydney, one of the most important business centers of the Pacific Rim and the largest city in one of the wealthiest countries in the world, in order to finalize a huge deal. Your new office space, however, is not ready for visitors. A shipment of chairs is sitting on the dock in Hong Kong and your new carpeting got lost somewhere between Hamburg and Bombay.

The Secret Language of Your Handshake

handshake-webIt’s an unspoken rule that handshakes are the true language of the business world. Does your handshake have what it takes to open doors? We’re going to break down the five ways your five fingers can make a first impression. We’ll tell you what to avoid, what to strive for, and what to do when a handshake goes wrong.

The Sweaty Shake

It takes a dry hand to create a cool first impression. A sweaty palm could make you appear nervous and insecure. Are you unsure about what to do if you’re prone to sweating under pressure? You can avoid giving someone a sweaty handshake by avoiding the habit of keeping your fingers cuffed. It’s important to always keep your palms open and relaxed.

The Amateur Shake

How to Tap into the Energy of New York’s Lower East Side

New York 2How does a mom or dad from the suburbs become the darling of New York City’s Lower East Side? The answer is easier than you think. There’s no need to be intimated by the film stars, musicians, and fresh batch of successful entrepreneurs living in the neighborhood. All you need to fit in is an opportunity to set up shop in the neighborhood for a few days. A lot can happen in a New York minute, and it may only take you a few New York minutes to set up important meetings, sign talented artists, or impress potential investors.

Croissants and Handshakes in Manhattan

croissant-webImagine a sleek conference table. Seated at the table are men and women in crisp suits. They are happily nibbling on flaky croissants and sipping hot coffee. Manhattan traffic is gliding by the window of your stately meeting room. The big idea you’ve been polishing for years is flashing on a screen at the head of the table. The people in suits begin nodding in agreement. That one important investor you’re trying to impress grabs another croissant, leans back in his comfortable chair, and smiles. It all ends with the handshake you’ve been dreaming about for years. Does this sound like the future you want? You might be wondering how you can make the leap from sitting in your home or office to taking the spotlight at an important business meeting in the middle of Manhattan. Luckily, the answer doesn’t involve finding a high-priced commercial realtor.

Ways to Celebrate Your Start-up’s First Anniversary

cakeAfter all the blood, sweat and tears you put into your start-up over the last twelve months, you can’t believe the day is finally here: Your company’s first anniversary. This big achievement is worth a hearty celebration; no matter if it’s been a long, hard road or you were an instant success. It’s time for you to plan something to mark the occasion and pull together all the people who made it possible for you to be standing here today. Here are a few ideas to help get you brainstorming.

Host a Party

The most obvious thing to do is to plan a party. You can make it a small, intimate affair for your employees and co-workers or open it up to your clients so they can come celebrate with you, too! If you’re not sure where to host a get-together like this, consider renting a Davinci meeting room so you can accommodate everyone you want to invite.

Conquering the “Loop” in Chicago

chicago-hancock-webAll those late hours you’ve invested into your work have begun to pay off, and now you’re ready to soar into the Windy City to set up the next phase of your business venture. Challenges lie ahead, but by setting your sights on Chicago, the city with the nation’s third largest GDP, you’ve already proven that you’ve got the hunger and drive it takes to succeed.

One word describes the advantage you’ll enjoy when your work takes you to Chicago: proximity. Setting up shop in the Heart of America puts you at the center of action, close to major leaguers like Boeing, Walgreens, Sears, and McDonald’s. The international hub is also home to standout start-up companies like Groupon, Orbitz, and Careerbuilder. It’s no wonder that Chicago’s central business district is known as “The Loop.” Opportunities for connecting with the city’s inner circle of industry leaders abound.

The Flavor of Success in Belgium

brussel-sprout-webIf you’ve ever wondered whether Brussels sprouts first came from Brussels, Belgium, the short answer is yes, they probably did, and it’s easy to find them in the city itself. Who wouldn’t want to eat Brussels sprouts in Brussels itself? Of course, that is just one of the many foods Belgium is known for, along with Belgian waffles, Belgian chocolates, and Brussels-brewed lambic beer. The city has built itself a richly-deserved reputation for hosting a variety of tastes, but this isn’t limited to the food market.

Brussels has an extremely eclectic population, with interests and industries in a variety of flavors. A budding entrepreneur will find their opportunities for success in Brussels as sweet as a Belgian chocolate truffle. With a large percentage of immigrants in the population and over 2,000 foreign companies with Brussels-based offices, this city influences its citizens as it does with its food, blending different flavors together into one delicious multicultural, multilingual dish. All this makes it an excellent business location for business owners looking to reach out to a diverse audience.