5 Tax Exemptible Ways to Boost Company Morale

  1. Throw a Party

Nothing boosts morale like a good celebration. So throw a party for your office, but makes sure to keep it reasonable. Go ahead and tell your employees to invite their loved ones as they’ll be considered tax deductible as well. Fun activities such raffle-style door prizes are another way to add to the fun without going bust.

*One thing to be aware of is independent contractors. You may only be able to deduct 50% of their costs.

  1. Relax to the Max

Bring in a massage therapist, yoga instructor, or other professional of the like to conduct a therapeutic session. An over-worked and stressed out work force can lead to poor performance and bad health. Boost morale by adding a change of pace with this 100% tax deductible activity.

  1. Snack Attack
Three young business people having a discussion in a COworking facility.

What Open Plan COworking Can Do For Your Business

The world is turning to Open Plan COworking … both at the business strategy level, and at the employee-preferred work-way level. COworking is super-popularizing and mainstreaming more and more each day as a work-way because of the many benefits it offers to a business, namely: employers and their staffs relish the elevated spirit and energy — plus the increased teamwork, innovation, motivation and loyalty that a well-planned and implemented COworking work-way yields, through its design and strategy that enables planned, as well as instant and serendipitous, collaboration.

Employers at corporations, plus solo-preneurs, free-lancers and start-ups at CWS, all enjoy the lesser requirement of space, and thus the substantial bottom-line savings, that Open Plan COworking represents. The demand for COworking workplaces and work-ways is skyrocketing, primarily driven by the changing corporate mandate to work even more economically than ever. The digitally-native and nomadically-agile Gen Y workforce, whose world-view and values subtly differ from that of previous generations, thanks to IT-mobility and a greater sense of corporate, social, and environmental responsibility coupled with greater health & wellness-centric lifestyles, have especially taken an interest in the agile, plug-and-go qualities of Open Plan COworking.


Customer Success Story: Answers Private Investigation & Consulting

Our customer success story this week comes from a Private Investigations company Answers Private Investigation & Consulting.

Billivan Johnson founded Answers Private Investigation & Consulting July 2015.  They have locations in Phoenix, AZ, New Jersey and New York City.  Johnson’s team mainly serves attorneys and individuals but has done some work for businesses.

Johnson found Davinci Meeting Rooms when he was looking for neutral meeting space for an investigation.  Johnson says “Davinci Meeting Rooms is a great solution for my needs.  The location was perfect for where we needed to meet the client.”  Davinci Meeting Rooms was able to provide Johnson with the room he needed to make his meeting a success.

We love hearing how we’ve helped out one of our customers.  Let us know what we can do for you.  Check out our meeting room offerings at or give us a call at 1.877.424.9767.

Davinci Meeting Room Infographic

4 Ways to Stay Healthy When Working From Home [Infographic]

At Davinci we are huge advocates for staying healthy.  Image is everything and you always want to be your best self.  So we put together an infographic with 4 ways to stay healthy when working from home.


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Customer Service in the Digital Age part 2

Customer Service Encounters the New Digital World, Part II

In the first post of this two-part blog series, “Customer Service Encounters the New Digital World,” we discussed how digital disruption is transforming customer service. This presents both opportunities and challenges to businesses of all shapes and sizes. And without some of the same legacy encumbrances of their larger business counterparts, small businesses can embrace digital technologies faster and with greater agility.

Of course, this doesn’t mean small businesses are doing so. One in four still don’t have a website, and of those with a website only half are responsive and thus deliver good user experiences on mobile devices.

Crossing the Digital Divide

Once a small business has an established digital presence (e.g., website, social media channels, etc.), other aspects of the digital age need to come into focus. Customer service is most certainly a critical part of the digital landscape, albeit one that many businesses miss.


Customer Service Encounters the New Digital World: Part I

The advent of the digital age dictates that companies rethink how they run their businesses. Customer service is one of the areas where a completely new approach is needed. Once conducted in an organizational silo, customer service touches virtually every aspect of a business.

The digital customer service transformation that is underway not only impacts large and mid-market businesses but also small businesses. The upside for small businesses is that the entry point is much easier for them. Larger counterparts already have significant investments in technology and business processes, and simply bolting additional components onto these existing pieces produces further fragmentation and inefficiencies. Without much of the same legacy infrastructure in place, small businesses can adopt new capabilities focused on a holistic transformation of customer service experience.

Small business owner working on marketing.

4 Ideas for Small Business Marketing

Unlike large corporations, small businesses mostly cannot afford their own in-house marketing department. In many cases, the business owners are not only handling day to day operations, but also responsible for promoting new products and services.

If you are strapped for money and you do not have a big team, what are your best options to promote your business? Let’s take a look at a few useful ways that can help you enhance your small business marketing.

Content Marketing and Social Media

Many like to think of social media as just another extension of their products or services catalogue. They are, however, overseeing the key word in social media, which is “social.” Users of social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram don’t visit their “walls” and “feeds” day in and day out just to be exposed to another advertisement. Instead, they want to be entertained or informed in a social, interactive environment.

Logo for T.H. Easter Consulting

Customer Success Story – T.H. Easter Consulting

For November we bring you a customer success story about T. H. Easter, a woman owned small business consulting firm serving Washington DC, Delaware and Virginia markets. The company specializes in providing consulting on executive recruitment, employee engagement and diversity & inclusion management, amongst other areas.

T. H. Easter came to Davinci Meeting Rooms when they were looking to get a location that would allow them to more conveniently meet with their clients in the Delaware and Virginia areas, where they are trying to further expand their presence. Deb Ohlandt, one of the consultants at the firm, started to look online at the different options, and that’s when she got to Davinci Meeting Rooms. Deb stated, “I needed a centralized office space, the thing that impressed me about Davinci is the convenient location, very professional offices and the professional staff.”


Personalized Omnichannel Engagement

Personalized customer experience is something that companies of virtually all shapes and sizes must provide. Once thought to be a highly complex undertaking & only accessible to large companies, personalization is now something buyers and customers—B2C and B2B—expect from virtually all vendor interactions. This new world of personalized customer experience means every interaction with a brand—whether email, text, online, or in-person—must reflect personal and business preferences and requirements.

Why Personalization Is Important

The business case for personalization is patently obvious. The ability to create unique, personalized experiences translates into more loyal and engaged customers and increased sales. Office space was one area that was mostly unchanged, until Davinci Meeting Rooms changed the industry by letting our customers personalize their office needs by offering hourly rentals. Indeed, a recent study by Gartner finds that brands offering personalization will outperform competitive brands by 15 percent by 2018.

The-world-could-be your-oyster

The World Could Virtually Be Your Oyster – As far As Business Meeting Space Goes – If You Think ‘Big’

Let’s face it, we live in an ever-increasing work anytime, work anywhere universe. The 9:00 to 5:00 work schedule is going the way of encyclopedias, electric typewriters, and polar ice caps. Remote and teleworking is in, and so is saving dough on a full-time space that you really don’t need because of your nomadic, mobile, and agile work-ways. You still occasionally need a place to plop down, ply your trade, and meet clients in an IT-ready, professional setting. Using Starbucks or a hotel room as places to meet can come with obvious drawbacks, this is why Davinci Virtual offers over 1,100 professional office locations for your on the go convenience.